Nad-762 onkyo sr-800


hawk fan
i got onkyo sr-800 whith 7.1 set up 2new yamaha ns-777 main,klipsh sf-3 center,onkyo speakers surround and back surround,sounds good, but i want something more what shold i do to make it sounds better? Buy an amp and use my onkyo as a pre?wich one outlaw or nad ?or just get a new receiver like nad 762?762 is only 6.1 right?

Joong-In Rhee
Onkyo 800 is pretty good - you might not get a satisfying improvement with an outlaw or a nad in the same price bracket.

In what ways do you want to improve your sound? For 2 channel music, or for surround movies?

By the way, how does the Yamahas sound? Are you sure they are not the culprit?

I would bet the speakers and the speakers interaction with the room are the culprit.

You could hook those speakers up to an expensive receiver and probably not notice a significant difference.

You need quality 8 ohm speakers --even in the surrounds and particularly on the center channel. Then you need to get a $35 Radio Shack SPL meter and balance the speakers from your sitting position.

James Lee
Also after the speaker upgrade, don't forget to get quality cables. You don't have to spend a fortune to get something that sounds better than the stock. (about 10% of the system cost) has sale on Ixos cables. 6003 speaker cable is affordable and pretty decent.

I have heard the yamaha 777 speakers and they, not the Onkyo, are your weak link. The Yamaha speakers are big and absolutely beautiful though I feel that you could have done better for $600 (PSB, Paradigm, Axiom to name a few). But everybody hears music differently and I am sure that you are pleased. Do you have a sub? If not, I would recommend starting there. Even though the 777 are a large speaker, I have heard them with and without a sub and a sub really makes a difference and will give your system a fuller sound. You can't go wrong with HSU or SVS subs and mid to high grade Velodynes are very good There are lots of good subs so choose the one that fits best for you. That will be your money best spent. In the future, you could run the 777 to another room through speaker B leaving room to upgrade the fronts if you so choose. Good luck.
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