Speakers Blew? Can i fix?


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Have celestion speakers i hooked them up and i believe i had my reciever at 4 ohms, (Speakers specs say need 8 )
2 blew.

Just to Clarify: Did the 4 ohms kill the speakers? or was it because i turned it up too loud?

Do any of you guys know what blew inside of the speaker? and can i replace it?
I am handy with a solder gun.

I took a pic of the inside of speaker.

I dont want to get new ones because i just got these with a pretty good deal on a set of 5.
remaining work fine if i set reciever at 8 ohms.

nothing appears to be torn. When i push on the speaker in the front like appears as if the magnet is keeping it from moving back and forth smoothly.
When i plug it in it appears as if the speaker plays but theres lots of static and moves really hard.

2 x Celestion AVS 301 Speaker T6027
(Satellite speakers)



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If the voice coil of the woofer is scratching the gap as you push on the driver, you pushed the speaker too hard and either damaged the voice coil if it still moves or welded the voice coil into one big blob if it won't move. If you have no high frequemcies, you probably destroyed the voice coil of the tweeter by playing too loudly while not playing cleanly. The amp clipped and that took out the tweeters. The only way to repair the speaker at this point is to replace the damaged drivers. Pull the drivers out of the cabinet if possible and check that no X-over components were also damaged.

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