Kenwood VR6050 LFE/Subwoofer Problem


Hi all,

I bought the VR-6050 yesterday. I have a AIWA powered subwoofer connected to it(40Hz-200Hz). When I play Dolby or DTS movies, the DOLBY/DTS indicator comes up and the receiver shows a "LFE" indicator, but the "SW" subwoofer indicator turns off automatically. This does'nt occur for CS II or Stereo modes. While playing Stereo or other DSP modes, the "SW" indicator on the screen lights up. I have set the Speaker size to normal (Have Bose 201 Bookshelf for my surrounds) and set the SW remix to PFF. Is there something wrong with the decoder(I see that the receiver automatically recognizes Dolby/DTS signals)?

Please Help.


On page 18 of your manual it has the speaker settings. I don't see where you get the options to set to "PFF", the only options shown in the manual are ON or OFF for SW remix. And SW remix only shows when you have the Sub set to ON. Once you set sub and sw remix both to ON, you should be able to get a sub signal in all modes. If you display is showing PFF, then there is something in error there. Go thru the set up process from Page 18 again and it it shows any other options besides ON or OFF for the remix, try resetting your unit by unplugging it, holding down the power button and simultaneously plugging it back in again. You will have to reprogram completely, but if this fixes the problem, then your good, if not, then you should proceed to the warranty line on the right :-).

Hi Jeff,

Thank you very much for your reply. Actually, it was a typo. It should be "OFF" and not "PFF". I heard from someone that "LFE" on the display is same as "SW". Is that how Dolby/DTS passes signal? Thanks!

LFE and SW are totally separate signals. LFE stands for Low Frequency Effects and is used for sending signals from multi encoded materials through this path, which is redirected to the SW and/or Front L/R. I think you just need to turn your SW Remix to ON and then you should be fine. I have the 6070 and the settings for this part of the receiver is the same as the 6050.

There is a full description of LFE on

Any speakers in your set up that are not capable of producing 80Hz and below should be set to normal, then you should set SW Remix to ON. This will ensure bass from those channels is redirected to your sub.

When you are receving a Dolby Digital 5.1 or DTS signal from a DVD player connected digitally, SW is not sopposed to light up, LFE is. As long as you are getting sounds from the sub woofer, you are fine.

On the 6070, SW does light up in addition to LFE. Depends on how you set up the unit. I bet the 6050 is the same.
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