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I recently picked up a pair of mirage omni 60s and like them quite a bit (great price on ebay). They are 2-way bookshelf size but fill my smallish room quite well (good bass). I am currently using the omni 60s for front and bose 161 (if you're just gonna rip on bose don't post) for surrounds. I like the sound in my room, which is a strange shaped smaller room. Actually, one of the selling points on the mirage was their ability to handle non-standard placements well. I use my system (an onkyo SR502) about equal for dvd and music. Right now I am lacking a sub, but don't miss it (I am constantly impressed with the base of these speakers, but suspect they will be lacking for some movies).

The question I have is how do people rate these speakers, and mirage speakers in general?

The reason why I am asking is that in 6 months to a year I will probably bening the expansion and/or upgrading of my system and I am trying to get an idea of how to go.


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Generally speaking Mirage rates fairly well in the audiophile world. They are part of API which produces Energy and Athena, which are also excellent products. I cant say that I have any experience with your specific speakers, but if you are happy with them, then that is more than enough.

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I haven't heard the Mirage bookshelves, only their towers which sounded terrible---then again the guy was running them off a lousy Onkyo stereo receiver so that probably had a lot to do with it.

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Mirage towers are outstanding driven by seperate components. TRUST ME!!!! I almost bought a pair. They can walk the walk right next to my maggies, sounding just as good, but having dynamics AND bass to boot. The only reason why I didnt was because they were almost 3 times the price oh my MMG's and couldnt justify it at the time.

They were WELL WORTH THE ROUGHLY $1400 HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!

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You're probably right; Canadians generally do make some very good speakers.
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