THD level or more wattage?


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I own the Yamaha YHT-5650 receiver, it has a .06 THD level, 480 watts 80X6. I own the klipsch quintet. Should I have gotten a receiver with more wattage or is the THD more important?

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It's unlikely that your Yamaha outputs 80W into all channels at the same time anyway, but I tend to go for low THD and wide frequency response before more watts. You are unlikely to push your receiver to the limit anyway.

The klipsch quintet are very small speakers that probably require a powered subwoofer that will take the strain off the receiver anyway. They are rated at 90dB @ 1watt/1meter efficiency, which is not as high as usually found in Klipsch, but not low either.

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I'd be shocked if it had output at clipping of 40 watts per channel with 5 channels being driven. The THD is not important.

This system definitely requires a self-powered subwoofer to get decent performance.

These satellite speakers aren't going to be moving a lot of air anyway. This receiver is certainly adequate for this system.

A receiver with more power isn't going to change the dynamic of the speaker system with the included Klipsch subwoofer significantly. These are very small satellites--they can't take too much power or move too much air.

If you need a system that plays louder and more accurately, you will need a speaker system and subwoofer that can do that. Adding a Krell to your speakers won't change them. They are good for what they are--inexpensive hifi surround speakers that aren't meant for blasting or big and accurate sound. They are meant to enjoy moderate level surround in a small/medium sized room.

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I'm re-reading my answer and I realise that I didn't directly answer the question. I agree with Gregory; the power output of your receiver is fine for the speakers you have. If you wish bigger sound, get a powered sub if you don't already have one.

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I am getting the KSW-12 sub from klipsch which is a powered sub. Couldn't purchase all products at once because I'm just a poor college student.
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