H/k amplifier not working on some channels???


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i have currently got a Harmon Kardon 7.1 amplifier,

had a protect error come on all of a sudden and now the left,right, sb left, sb right are not working?? the sl,sr and center are ok, does this sound like a expensive repair?? or what could have gone down?

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Was you equipment connected to some kind of surge protector when this happened? Sometimes the makers of the surge protectors will cover the cost of replacing the equipment attached to the surge protector in case of failure.

Is the equipment under warranty from H/K? If it is, then contact H/K or go to their web site to locate the nearest service center. Have them look into the problem.

If it's not under warranty, you could always try and reset the unit. Refer to your user manual on how to do this.

Also, check all of your cables and interconnects.

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well i bought it faulty off the net, thinks its still un warrenty however as its 2 years on amps, i dont have origanal recept from shop which you need from reading the harmon kardon website :-( and you also need to be origanal ownenr, so that puts end to that :-(

i put it into a local small tv shop as only the center and 2 surrounds worked, the 2 fronts did not work :-(

he fixed the 2 fronts, and now i have 2 fronts center and only 1 surround, as he said he tryed to fix the one surround vhannel however when he fitted a new transistor, after 2 mins it kept getting red hot so he just dissconnected it inside.


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The HK receivers can either use the surround back channels for a 7.1 system, or for a 2nd zone. The 2nd zone mode either copies the signal from the front left and right channels, or use the tuner.

My best guess to the problem is the circuitry used to switch between 7.1 and 2-zone mode is messing up. Likely an easy repair. You might want to try setting the surround back channels to none, it may provide 5.1 sound at least.

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Go to the H.K. home page and check the manual. Look for the secret key combination to 'reset' the processor. This may help. Also try one good speaker (ie pull if off a channel you know is working) and try it, one at a time on the other channels.
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