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Hi audio experts! Please help me with the following questions about biwiring. Millions of thanks.

1> Can I connect the low-frequency (LF) posts on the speakers to speaker A on amp, high-frequency (HF) posts to speakers B on the amp and run speaker A and B simultaneously? If yes, do I need to care about impedence? FYI, my speaker's impedence is 8ohms and minimum requirement for impendence when running both A and B channels is 12 ohms on the amp.

2> Is bi-wire similar to connecting speakers in parallel? If yes, how can I match that with amp?

3> Though it's advisable to run the same kind of cables on both LF and HF, I can't do so at the moment. Temporary, if I have one silver cable (QED Silver) and one copper cable (B-Flat), how should I connect?



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HI, I recently purchased a NAD 370 integrated amp. My 4 (four) speakers are Wharfedale I-30 Pacific Series at 6 ohms, power handling of 200 watt each(man.claim). I'm thinking of upgrading to the new NAD 372 Integrated amp. Can anyone agree or disagree with this thinking, knowing NAD and Wharfedale. Thanks frank

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I'd suggest you create a new thread as I posed this question seeking for help on a different subject. If you do this you will not get any response from the forum and neither will I. Please create a new thread and put it in section "amplifier". For example the subject could be NAD vs. Wharfedale amp. Thanks for your understanding.

Assuming your system has A and B speaker terminals, connect LF to speaker A and HF to B. Don't worry about the limit of impedance required by the amp as in this case the amp recognize this as only one speaker, not two.

If your system doesn't A and B, or you want to make it neat behind the amp, just cram two positive cables of LF and HF to the positive (red) post and negative to the negative (black post). Sometimes it not that easy as the speakers are too big to fit two into one banana plug.

You'd better use cables of the same brand and model and even same thickness even though some tend to believe that cables for treble should be thinner. I personally don't see the difference. - COCO
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