Center channel recommendation requested for Elite 43TX receiver + Infinity Overture 2 speakers: IL36C or CC-3?


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I have seen an Infinity CC-3 center for about $175 + $15 shipping or an Infinity IL36C center for $250 - $300 + $50 shipping.

The CC-3 is (closely) voice-matched for my Overtures. I am not sure about the IL36C.
The reason I am considering the IL36C (newer than the CC-3) is that it is bigger, and has a more powerful sound.

My system consists of a Pioneer Elite VSX-43TX and two 'Infinity Overture 2' front speakers.
(The sub is a 15" unit by Tympani and the rears are Advent Laureates, which I got cheap from a colleague).

I would like to get a replacement for my Optimus Pro CS-5 center.

Any advice would be appreciated!


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I am still looking, so if anyone has any recommendations I would greatly appreciate hearing them.


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- I saw some Paradigm centers (CC-370 among others) that supposedly sound great, but I don't know how well they will be matched to the Infinity Overture 2 fronts?
Would an Infinity IL36C or Intermezzo 3.5C center be better matched to my Overture 2's?

- The Rocket RSC200 gets rave reviews and is on sale for $400, but has a 4 ohm impedance, so that rules it out.
Even if it did have 8 ohms impedance, I am not sure it would be matched to my Overture 2s.

I have been searching online, but with little success in terms of finding something that would be well matched with my fronts.


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I have narrowed it down to:

Paradigm (CC-170 or CC-370)
PSB Image 8C or 9C
PSB Stratus C5 or C6
BIC DV62CLR-S (much cheaper than the rest, but seems well-respected).
Energy CC1

I have a feeling that some of these are better suited than the Infinity CC-3 (discontinued but still sometimes available used), even though the Infinity CC-3 is probably the closest match in terms of timbre to my Overture 2 fronts.


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I went to 6Ave Electronics to check out center channel speakers today.

The sales person actually told me to get
a voice-matching Infinity center, even though they don't even sell Infinity centers (i.e. he lost a potential sale).
I had wanted to listen to / compare, and potentially buy, the Energy CC-1 [which it turns out they didn't have in this particular 6Ave store] and Paradigm CC-170 and CC-370.
I was very pleasantly surprised by his honesty.
He actually had MY best interest in mind, and not his.
That is rare, especially if it means losing a sale entirely. I mean it is one thing to steer a customer toward a cheaper brand/model that sounds as good as a more expensive model one is considering, but to give advice that will cost the store a sale, it not often seen these days.

(I knew going in that, ideally, I should get a matching center, but I wanted something a little more high end).

I am going to contact Infinity to see which of their centers would be a good match.
I would love to get a 3 way Infinity IL36C center ($300 + shipping) over an Infinity CC-3 center or Overture 1 (used as center), but only if it will be well voice-matched with my Infinity 'Overture 2' front speakers.
The 'Entra 2' mfr refurb center for about $100 seems like a decent deal too, judging by its specs.

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Anyone think the CC-3 would be better than the IL36C due to the CC-3 being a match with my fronts (voice-matched), even though the IL36C is a higher end Infinity speaker than the CC-3.

I guess my question is:
Does (perfect) voice-matching really come ahead of higher absolute sound quality when selecting a center channel (within the same brand's line of center channel speakers).

I have seen at least one user review stating he switched from the CC-3 to the IL36C and was very happy he did due to the improvement in sound.

ANY feedback would be appreciated.

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Regarding the center:

I ended up buying a used Paradigm Reference
LCR-450 for a good price.
It has received rave reviews.

I know it isn't a voice match, but I wanted something higher end than an Infinity CC-3.
The LCR-450 has won a lot of critical acclaim from well-known publications.
It was (at the time) said to be "one of the smoothest, flattest speakers
Paradigm has yet produced"
If I don't like the LCR-450, I'll get an Infinity IL36C (which also might not be voice-matched) (if the price is right) and sell whichever I like least...

In any case, either one will be a big improvement over my Optimus Pro CS-5, which also isn't voice matched to my fronts (bought the Optimus years ago before I had even heard the term

Thanks for the tips! I know I went out on a limb, but I will not keep the LCR-450 if it turns out to be way off.

Besides, I may upgrade my fronts to Paradigm and sel the 'Overture 2' fronts...

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Sorry man, once you wrote "INFINITY" people here stopped reading.

I have the Infinity Overture-1s, CC-3, and the RS 2000.3. I also have the Infinity Interlude IL120S subwoofer.

I think the CC-3 is a great center channel. I have had it for about 5 years.

Here are 62 reviews rating it at 4.65 out of 5. This website is great to findout problems with different AV products and what the average person thinks. x#reviews

I have also heard some good things about the IL36C. Here is a link for the IL36C on Infinity's website. Click on StereoPhile's review. pe=

I haven't heard too much about Infinity's Entra stuff but some of the Alpha stuff is the same as the older Interlude speakers. Both Interlude and Alphas have gotten good reviews all around.

Hope that helps,

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I am glad you kept reading ;)

I will see how the LCR-450 sounds (I got it for a good price, so I can always sell it if I don't like the way it matches up with my fronts).
The CC-3 is nice, but for some reason I wanted something with a bit more punch (6.5" woofers instead of 5.25") and a bit higher end.
I got the Paradigm for only $55 more than the
CC-3, which was a great deal IMO.

My goal is still to try the Paradigm.
If I don't like it, I will get an IL36C to compare it to.
I will keep whichever I like most...

I really appreciate the feedback.

I had read the reviews at
One of them mentioned how he had both the CC-3 and the IL36C and that the 36C was a lot better.
That makes sense, since the 36C is a good deal more expensive.
However, I recently saw a CC-3 go for $175 and an IL36C for only $208 or so... I missed the IL36C.
Something about the LCR-450, in addtion to the good price, made me say to myself, I have to try this out.

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Sounds good to me man. Let me know if you get the IL36C and how it sounds.

One thing, The CC-3 list price is $450 and the IL36C is $500. I wouldn't call it higher end because it is $50 more and has bigger drivers.

I am not saying the CC-3 is all that great but "for its time", I was a damn good center channel. Tone controls for highs and mids, neodymium magnet for the tweeter, and a THICK metal "speaker box" with bracing. It might not be that great now but back in the day:-)

I think you just want the IL36C because it's big and it looks good:-) Me too!!! The whole Interlude series looks damn good!

I am thinking of getting it too but I will miss my CC-3:-(

Anyways man, good luck and let me know what you do.

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Well, not so much because it is big.
I wantewd something a bit more powerful, since my fronts (dual powered 6.5" woofers) tend to be overpowering sometimes.
The fact that it has the extra midrange driver did attract me to it, but only after reading the reviews.

I have tried turning the center level up on the receiver, but then other things don't sound right.
I do love the way the IL36C looks though, yes :-)
Nice wood.
Elegant looking.

Maybe the CC-3 is almost as good, and it is just
my perception based on the way the cabinet looks.
I also think the one reviewer who had booth and said he like the IL36C much more, swayed me too.

The fact that I bought the Paradigm (not as nice-looking as the IL36C, especially without the grill), shows I didn't just consider the looks ;)
But, I do consider looks inmportant with any audio/video component. They just come secondary to performance.
I try to balance both looks and performance to my personal liking.

Good Luck if you get the IL36C.
If you are really happy with your CC-3, you might want to keep it, but if the looks are making you itch for one, which it seems like, then enjoy it!

Thanks again!

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I am glad to see that there is some discussion on the IL36c center out there. I have been looking for some/any feedback on that speaker. I currently have a pair of IL40s and an IL120 sub. I have been looking for a center channel for sometime but can't decide what to buy. I am trying to decide between IL25c, IL36c, Infinity Primus C25, Infinity Alpha center. I know that IL25c (priced at $140), IL36c (priced at $300) will be voice matched with the IL40 that I have (same line). But is the IL36c really worth the extra $$$. avdude wrote that IL36c was available for $208. Can you tell me where you saw that.


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Thanks UNICRON-WMD! Yes, it was ebay.
I hadn't visited ecoustics for a little while before today.

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