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I just bought a pair of definitive technologies 7002's. Now I need a good receiver to match. I currently have a lower end yamaha ....the silver 350 model, the lowest one they sold last year. I would like to upgrade. H/K, Marantz, Denon maybe??? Possibly the new Yamaha 2500??? I am most interested in very high sound quality music and not so much movies. Im looking to achieve a system that will stay very sharp and crisp at high volumes. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I have a high end Pioneer Elite VSX 43-TX.... THX, DOLBY DIGITAL-EX POLOGIC 2.... If intested and need more this is 100 watts continous per channel X 6.. This is rather complicated reciever and it involves programinig into it's 6 channels speakers, room size, auidio & vidieo.... All have to be programed into each of the 6 channels this reciever has.... It's remote and new this year but to be honest it is complicated to program but has everthing all the way to 5 or 6 optical inputs... As a foster parent of teenagers they enjoy playing with my programing and I'm considering selling... Can contact me at

I'd take a look at at NAD 372 Integrated Amp -- it won't come with a radio tuner, it's just a preamp/amp but if you want quality for price that's your item for a two channel setup. Some dealers still have NAD C370s around which are supurb too and are only a year and a half out of production. As two channel amps they can't be beat for the price I say! Definitley audition them if nothing else -- perhaps compared to a Marantz model.

Now the DT 7002s I don't know too much about -- they have built in subs I think and I don't know the power reqirements but I'd imagine those machines would still do the trick -- they're powerhouses afterall. If you do need more power you can team the NAD 37x's up with a 272 power amp since they bridge nicely for a whopping 300W/chan as well as a seriously cool/powerful looking hifi system. Do look at Marantz as well though and if you have an unlimited budget you can certainly go MUCH higher!

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