NHT M6 vs Paradigm Studio 40 v3


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Ok, in 3 days i have to purchase one or the other, i currently have a full nht vt2 system with a servo 15 sub, in the past i've had the paradigm 11semk3's. I'm at a lost as to which one to get, NHT are notorious for their imaging and precision, paradigms are just notorious in general for their overall performance but the M6's can hand substantially more load than the Studio 40's. I havent been able to demo these side by side and all reviews rate them very high so im wondering what you guys think. Which is the better speaker??

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

ps. Speakers will be driven by a full sunfire preamp/ amp combo.

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Can you bring them home and demo for a few days? Many shops will let you do that - that's the surest way of getting what "you" want.

Go with the one you like - you might want to hear them for a prolonged time - some speakers can be enjoyed for a long listening session - and that's the one you want.

If you already had a taste of NHT, might want some change and go with the Paradigm.

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I have the M6s for the frontstage setup. They are very accurate. I can listen to them for long periods of time and get no listeners fatigue, like I got with the NHT VT1.4 towers. I pulled the screens off them and they sound even better. I can't comment on the Studio 40 speakers though.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciated. So i ended up going with the M6's up front and M5's for the rear. The decision was easy....they simply blew the studio 40's away. To top it off they are now combined with my Servo 15 sub and my living room has become a permanent state of musical nirvana.

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Does the M6 center sound kinda of distant to you? To me the dialog sounds muffled a little, not a lot, but just enough to make me wonder if something is up. I replaced an NHT AC2 for an M6.
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