Wall Mounted Speaker Advice - Axiom vs. Orb vs. ?


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I have a home office system (Carver 6200 receiver, Music Hall mmf-2.1 turntable, Yamaha CDR-D651 cd player/recorder) that needs speakers. (It used to be my main system, but after moving decided to go home theater in the living room and music in my detached office. No room for my KEFs in the office so they stayed in the living room.) The office has no floor space. The room is 15'x7'. I have been considering any one of the Axiom bookshelf speakers, but even then the size of the speaker is an issue. The Orbs look interesting (and are an appropriate size). Anyone have any thoughts or other suggestions? Thanks!

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The Mirage Omnisats sound much better than you would expect from their size and price. I was at an audio store when no one was in there and the salesman let me crank them as loud as the Marantz receiver would go. No distortion noted. They are very heavy and you can tell they are well made. They can be wall mounted. Cabasse makes an excellent wall mounted speaker at a higher cost. Then finally Magnepan makes a flat wall mount that is harder to drive but supposedly sounds great.


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Thanks so much for the suggestions. I've found a dealer where I can audition the Omnisats. Their size makes them ideal for my space limitations. I have always loved Maggies, but even their smaller speakers would be just about impossible to place. I'm afraid Cabasse is out of the price range.

OK - now here's my stupid question. My Carver 6200 does not have a sub-out. I am eventually going to want a sub (if not immediately). What would you suggest, and how would you hook it up?
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