Sony 895/995 receivers: variable subwoofer crossover?


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I've searched the web (and user manuals) and can't find out if Sony STR-DE995 (and 895) receivers have variable subwoofer crossover. Does anyone know? If they don't have variable crossover, what is the fixed crossover?

Is variable crossover important? Other receivers in this price range ($300-$400) seem to have it. I'm a HT newbie and appreciate the help!

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David: I had an STR-DE995 for all of 1 day. I can't remember what or if there were crossover settings. From what I do remember, the bass management in the STR-DE995 wasn't that impressive. From what I can remember, the crossover was fixed and based on what you set the front and center speaker "sizes" to -- like most older and less featured surround sound receivers have (had).

As you write, some other receivers have better bass management. In particular, the H/Ks in the $300-$500 price range have at least tripple crossover settings. This was VERY interesting for me when I hooked up the H/K AVR 525 to my Paradigm speakers. I thought I had different speakers! My Paradigms have base extension to 18Hz (very low for loudspeakers) and I never heard them get so low. This is because the H/K 525 has a tripple crossover system and allowed me to set my crossover to 60Hz instead of the 100Hz that my Kenwood (and probably the Sony) did. What a difference! I mean, if your speakers are "bass shy" -- like my Klipsch CF-2 towers -- then you may not want to extend the bass on your front (L/C/R) speakers to that low of a frequency. My Paradigms just love to reproduce lows... and highs! :-)

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STR-DE885 and STR-DE985, however, do have separate crossover adjustments for the center, mains and surrounds, as well as an LFE crossover setting.

I believe those options are only available if the speakers are set to small. Even if you have floorstanders, I think it's a good idea to set them to small and put the crossover low (if you're able to).

I'm very pleased with the 885 and all of its config. options.
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