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I know i should know this, or research and find it easlily, but i really wanted peoples input or personal experience.
I am planning on adding a second subwoofer and i want a sealed enclosure.
My question is should i have each sub in its on chamber or a shared air chamber. and if you could let me know the pros and cons of each. thank you ahead of time

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I can't say i've built a lot of Subwoofer enclosures in my time, but I have noticed that every enclosure i've built, I have never made individual chambers per Subwoofer.

Why? Because with carefull calculations, anyone can build an enclosure with accurate specs for the Subwoofer you have regardless if you using 2, 3 or more subwoofers. Overall the enclosure has less Screws, MDF Wood, Time, and Weight put into it.

That's just my opinion on the matter though. Im sure a lot of other builders will have differen't views on this topic.

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Separated Chambers
-The chamber separation adds a bit of strength to the box, less vibration for cleaner output... but in most cases the box is small enough where this really won't make a difference.
-If one sub decides to die off or quit working, the other sub will still be in its appropriately sized box.
-...mmm... you have to use more wood? lol

Combined Chambers:
Pros: easier build, less wood?
Cons: If one sub dies, the other won't sound right.

IMHO it just makes sense to do separate chambers. But as long as your subs work, you shouldn't notice a difference in most cases.

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imo, it depends on a few other factors like what amp you are running. If you are using an amp that has a left and right channel and the music recorded has bass that is dfferent on the lft and rght channel, and you have the subs hooked up on ndivdual channels it will sound better with seperate chambers. If you have a mono bloc amp or the amp os bridged then it doesnt matter.

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Ok. Awesome sounds like I wont be missing out on sq or spl with a shared air enclosure. I just heard rumor that subs could cancel each other out if in same air space. My amp is in bridged mode so no problem with bass in left channel and right channels separately. Thank you all for your input. Im building a 2.0 cubic foot box after sub displacement. Hope it sounds great.

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Yea, cancellation can occur when subs are played off of different channels, even with seperate chambers. Thats is why its always recommended to run mono (bridged in your case). And 2 cubes is a fairly small box volume, flex shouldn't be an issue so seperate chambers will sound the same.

Good luck on your build.

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Thank you
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