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ok well i have a pinoer amp 760 had it for god 2 years now and i got 1 12 rockford p2 and 2 10 kenwoods hooked up and a pinoeer dehp-4800 just got a legecy cap 1.5 fared about to hopokit up soon any way i have had all this for about 2 years wantingto upgrade once i get all these court fines payed off wanna get my stufff loud anyone got any ideas what i should get or if you have stuff that in great shape wanna sell let me know once i get all on tha feet wanna prolly put about 2 grand at the most what i think ill be happy with is like 3 to 4 thousand watts been in cars with 2 and i want it louder than that and about 5 to 6 times louder than what i got right now and i got 8 gauge wire scoshe if that matter let me know yall thanks

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wtf? you ever hear of a run on sentance? that jumbled bunch of retard typing is damn near impossible to understand. try reposting it in english so someone can understand it and you might get some help.

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You have been in a car running two thousand watts and you want to be six times louder? Hmm.

So you want to run three to four thousand watts? A lot of your money is going to go towards electrical upgrades. And no, 8 gauge power wire will not cut it. For that kind of power you're going to want to get at least 1/0.

What kind of car do you have? That might give us an idea of the space needed to achieve such.

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MTX jackhammer should do the trick.

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if thats hittin like 125 decibels you wanna be like 625-750 decibels....

hmmm.....that might be tough

if you tint your windows it'll hold in 20% more of the air which should calculate into prolly like 1 or 2 hundred decibels....if you buy some dynamat extreme, sh!t, thats gonna give ya an extra 250 easy....

after that it's all about the subs....

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no i been in a car with 2000 i have 760 watts want like 6 times louder than that yea my typing is jacked up wanna get a like 3 thousand or somthin like that wanan get new subs forst but dunno what kind i should get yet few i like that i can afford alpine type r's rockford p3 maybe orions kicker cvr dont really know what i wont yet what whould sound the best want 15's but really dont think i can fit them in my car its a 95 sebring im sure i should if i had them sit up dunno anyone got ideas what kind of subs i should go for for like ehh around 5 hundred for the 2 subs then id liek to spend like 300 on an amp dunno what all i should get anyone have ideas or have old stuff they whould wanna sell thanks

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300 bucks on 3k watts...

How about sentence structure. No one will take you seriously if you type like that... You obviously want SPL. Do you have electrical upgrades? Can you build a box? Type like you have some sort of education and you will get a little more help.

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aww brad is geetin owned lol.....hmm man what your asking is alot i really hope you know what your getting yourself into man....and that pioneer ur pushing dosent do 760 watts fyi...check the rms u may be disappointed...
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