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I know Hifonics amps aren't the best but I have them. I have 2 1000 watt Brutus amps. One of them I ordered from ebay and it ended up not working. Well I took it to a local car audio dealer for repair. Well I have 2 15" 2ohm cvx's and I installed them when I got my amp back. I put 1 amp on each sub and wired them down to 1ohm each to get as close to 1000 watts as I could get out of those amps. Yes, I know they are overated. Anyways, I started slowly turning the amps up I noticed they started acting like they weren't getting enough juice to them. Like they were drowning each other out and distorting kinda. So I unhooked each amp and tried them 1 at a time to see what happened and I noticed the amp I had repaired was way more powerful than the other I already had. I could turn the repaired amp up around half way and the sub it was hooked to was loud as hell. I unhooked it and tried the other amp and I had to turn it almost all the way up just to get the same loudness. I tried each amp on each sub and it was the same thing. Now I used to have 2 of the Brutus 1500 watt amps hooked up the same way on a recent system I had and didn't have a problem at all with it. It sounded great to me. Do you guys think that with both amps hooked up that the weeker one is trying to draw more power thus draining away from the other amp? Since I have to turn it up alot higher to try and get equal sound. As I turn it up the other gets alot more quiet. Cause with just one amp hooked to one speaker it is amazing louder. I have the same charging system I had from when I had the 1500's hooked up. Do you think that getting the other amp fixed the same way they fixed the other will fix it? Sorry about the long post but I am really wanting this fixed. Thanks for any help.

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Personally, I would just buy one amp to power both your subs.

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Joseph are you sure you are not running one out of phase. Cause thats kinda what it sounds like.

I really doubt one amp is drawing so much power its effecting the other amp.
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