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I think I know the answer to these but I'll ask any way.
What does the magnet weight on a sub have to do with how it sounds?
I know what xmax is, but what does this mean in terms of how the sub plays?
What's the formula for finding out the volume for a sealed enclousure for a specific subwoofer?
Last, Square subs, triangle subs, pentagon subs, circle subs, whats the real difference?

the larger the magnet the better the sub (to a certain extent). the more the x-max the better the sub, it will move more air. subtract the displacement of the sub from the enclosure volume itself. Circle subs are the best, other subs are just trying to go flashy with shapes.

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The square subs move more air than the round ones (about 20% to 25%). I don't like the square subs that much because of how soon the corners of the suround wears out. Sony's pentagon subs are a piece. Just get a good round sub like the JL W7.

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Yes the bigger the magnet the more power it can handle and the better it will sound. The shape of the sub is flashy but i dont have any further info. For box area and Cubic feet type stuff go to:

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ok since none of you guys covered it very well, ill give it a shot..

1. bigger magnets USUALLY mean nothing, just for looks - compare a 40 oz. neodymium magnet vs. a 160 oz. strontium magnet, they pull almost the same yet one is FAR less is weight - so magnet size pends on a few things, one being the material it is made from, and another is from power handling, the more power going through it, a bigger magnet will pull better after a certain point. - magnet size has not alot to do with how a sub sounds

xmax - generally higher xmax, the further the sub moves, the more air it will push, which will give you more sound. but i will say and many others will say 75% of how it sounds is the install - correct size box? ported/sealed? if ported, tuning frequency?

kicker square subs, bazooka triangle subs, sony pentagon subs, xtant's hexagon subs and traditional round subs - only difference between all of these is the Sd or surface area. it doesnt always mean better either - kicker square subs have about 30% more Sd than a round sub, but as a downfall have much higher stress levels on the voice coil and basket - which only really comes into play in competition - xtant hex subs - excellent subs, better than many many out there - sony's pentagon subs - again, more SD but sony makes complete crap for a product
bazookas triangle subs, i think its just a way to stand out for them, not a big fan of them either..

usually in the sub manual it will tell you the reccomended enclosure - sealed or ported, tuning and size of the box - a way to tell if you should have ported or sealed, find the EBP of the sub- take the Fs of a sub, say 32 Hz and divide that by the Qes, say .500 - EBP above 90 for vented only, below 45 for sealed only and 45-90 flexible ----- in our example, the EBP is 64 which would be pretty flexible for sealed and ported boxes

i hope this helps :-)
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