Glass, how can I test line quality w/ a multimeter (voltmeter)


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Been planning to redo my system for almost two months now and I'm finally ready to complete it this weekend.

I upgraded my alternator line for 4AWG to 0AWG (just for the sport of it). I also bought a new 12' line of Stinger Dream RCA interconnects to run from my 7v line out on my EQ straight to my JLAudio's (yeah...I finally bought 'em).

Question: I want to know if upgrading my RCA lines to the Stinger Dreams from my Monster 9' (101 XLN) lines was worth it. Can I use a multimeter (voltmeter or whatever their called) to measure the line quality and acutally "see" the the difference?

I know I should hear the difference, but sound is only a perception anyway and after spending money on the JL's I'll be damned if I don't hear a difference! =)

It's not so much because it's all necessary, but like I said, it's for the sport of it all. I also want to know how I can measure the line out voltage to see what the EQ output voltage really is.

Advice? Thanks.

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ok you're really not going to hear any difference.. but shielding may be better so you may get less noise, although even that'd be arguable. all you can really measure with a DMM is the resistance from end to end.. a lower resistance is good.
for line voltage, you'll need a tone generator or test tone CD, and a true-RMS multimeter that can read AC voltage.
then just attach it to the RCA jack, send a test tone, and see what the voltage is.
7V should be the measurement at full volume. voltage increases with volume
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