2 amps + 2 subs and ... (connection problem)


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Hey guyz.
Finally I found a place so I can ask my questions about my car's audio system! :P

I have:
Alpine head unit (4x45 watts)
2 x 1000 watts SPLX amps
2x 15" 600 watts SLPX subs
getting a 20.0 farad POWER ACOUSTIC cap.
and the car had the original 6x9 and door speaker which i am happy with by now.

The problem is I haven't got a clue how to connect or better say bridge the 2 amps to support the subs.

I have seen good systems having 2 or 4 amps to support 4 or 6 subs. I was wondering if they bridge them. Like the output power in my case would be 2000 watts or do i have to use each amp for each sub (which i am not really interested in!)

apart from that. I am ordering a 20 F capacitor. The thing is I am not sure whether it has enough outputs for 2 amps or not.
http://www.poweracoustik.com/CAPACITOR.html is the last capacitor I am gonna buy. If it doenst have more than 1 outputs, can i use 1 output to supply 2 amps???

your help would be really appreciated

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the amplifiers have instructions on how to bridge them if they are 2 channel amplifiers.
most high power amps are monoblocks for subs though.
you don't bridge mono amps.

I'd suggest you avoid that capacitor as well. it's a total piece of junk.
a 20Fd carbon capacitor will have a tremendously high ESR making it less than useless.
read these pages on caps and charging systems for a better idea:

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Thanks buddy.
Really useful info. But as I am aware, you usually see the lack of power in the car system (ie car's lights) when it comes to the bass or the bass is not as good as it is supposed to. The only reason I want the cap is, i spent alot of money and I dont wanna install the system and have to reinstall it again after.

cheers anyways
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