Sub Wiring Series, and then Parallel?


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Ok so I'm wondering a way to get 2, Dual 4 ohm voice coil subs to run at 2 ohms to the amp? Well ok I kinda just wanted to see if this would work, or what? OK so I took one sub and wired it series and then I took another sub and wired it parallel. Then if I take the ends of each set of wires and bridge them at the amp will that give me 2 ohms total like I think it will, or will this just mess up the whole plan? Using the multi-meter I have a 2 ohm load but I'm just not sure if this would work? Somebody help!!!!!

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VC1 = voice coil one
VC2 = voice coil two
+ = positive connection
- = negative connection

Connect + of VC1 to + of VC2
Connect - of VC1 to - of VC2

Connect amp + to + of VC1
Connect amp - to - of VC2

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