General questions about subs and amps.. Im new, please help


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I don't really know anything about amps and subs, but I want to set up one 12" sub with a comparable amp in my s-10 blazer.

I have done a little looking online, and I think I want to go with a 12" pioneer TS-W300R. I don't want to drop a lot of money, and I don't expect a lot out of the "system" I want to set up. I am looking at getting pioneer 3-way 4 X 6s to replace the front speakers as well.

As far as an amp goes... I'm not sure exactly what I need.. the max power on the sub is 600 and the RMS is 150. I thought maybe a 400w amp? Maybe a pioneer GM-x374?(I can probably get one of these for a decent price used) It is a four channel amp though.. it says it is bridgable, but can you bridge 4 channels down to one? or just two? Are there any amps that you would recommend? Would I have to stick to 2 channel bridgable amps and mono amps?

I am not looking to spend a lot of money, or for a lot of bass. I mostly just want it to be loud with a good high end and to have the capability to "thump" a little when the mood strikes.

Any advise anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated.

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For you, I would reccomend looking at something besides pioneer. Look into the Rockford Fosgate series, they aren't the best in the world but tend to have nice SQ (in my experiences). Maybe something like this... ($116 brand new) ($200 brand new)
That is something I would look into... Running the subwoofer at 4 ohms as well as the amp.


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go to ebay, pick up that same sub for about 70$ with shipping, get one of those small mtx amps that put out 200w rms for like 100$, now you got about the same system for about half the price


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either that amp orrrr %26 %26
I personally dislike audiobahn but their amps aren't bad.. especially when money is tight^^

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if you go with a box and a amp kit from ebay... your system should cost around 250$

40$-prefab box
20$-amp kit you should be able to get those prices SHIPPING INCLUDED, because i know the real prices on that stuff is

10$-amp kit.... shipping kills ya but those prices are still hard to beat, 250$ for a system is really good

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thank you for the advise and for replying...

is there a certain reason not to go with pioneer?

i read somewhere that your amp should be in the top third of the wattage of your sub... would a 200w max amp be enough for a 600w max sub?

i love ebay. im looking for my front 4X6s on there right now.

i am also planning on building my own box because i already have just about everything i need sitting around here. i know mdf is supposed to be best, but if i use 3/8" plywood, doubled up, would that be alright?


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