My dual chamber 6.5 tangband abc box is done


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its sounds as good as he was claiming guys and i have it on one channel of my home reciever at 60 rms total and it hits already not too bad for two 6.5s

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i just tested the dual chamber abc box and best hit frequency in my apartment with both the tangbands getting 30 rms each it hit 104 db at 64 hz from almost three feet away and that was without distortion because i didnt want to risk anything with these speakers not being broke in yet

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how do they sound? i might be interested in buying some?

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they dont sound too bad but in the box that guy built which is what i copied the spl range went like this as i used my spl meter in my apartment at a medium volume with invidivual test tones to 80 hz but they will play up to 100 hz I just didnt feel like charting them out that high

32 hz 77 db
33 hz 79 db
34 hz 80 db
35 hz 80 db
36 hz 82 db
37 hz 84 db
38 hz 86 db
39 hz 88 db
40 hz 90 db
41 hz 90 db
42 hz 88 db
43 hz 87 db
44 hz 86 db
45 hz 85 db
46 hz 84 db
47 hz 83 db
48 hz 81 db
49 hz 80 db
50 hz 78 db
51 hz 78 db
52 hz 81 db
53 hz 82 db
54 hz 83 db
55 hz 84 db
56 hz 86 db
57 hz 87 db
58 hz 88 db
59 hz 90 db
60 hz 91 db
61 hz 93 db
62 hz 95 db
63 hz 97 db
64 hz 98 db
65 hz 97 db
66 hz 96 db
67 hz 95 db
68 hz 94 db
69 hz 92 db
70 hz 91 db
71 hz 90 db
72 hz 89 db
73 hz 90 db
74 hz 91 db
75 hz 92 db
76 hz 91 db
77 hz 88 db
78 hz 85 db
79 hz 83 db
80 hz 82 db

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Heres the impedance chart if you wanna compare my spl results with his readings in the same box...but I just realized I had my selective tone button on when i did these readings on the subs its basically a bass boost and tweeter boost so keep than in mind...the reciever is an onkyo 424


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i think with my triple chamber abc i can get rid of that impedance hump and that woulld add alot of spl and smooth out the sound even better

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i just made another discovery guys. I listened to where i measured my subs at and then went about another three feet from the box and sat at my computer chair which was on a high plane then where i measured at about 3 ft. and guess what? The spl is 4 db louder on the same piece of music at my computer seat as it was at 3 ft away on my knees if im right 64 hz should now read out to 108 db. Im going to do other experiments to make sure its the distance and plane making the spl rise 4 db. By the way the box is on its side standing length wise.

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just to clearify it got 4 db louder another three away equalling about 6 feet away

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I just remeasured things and i think another speaker playing was adding that 4 db extra so disreguard that 4 db gain but i did find out that cutting the distance in half does increase the db by 3 db as said in articles i have read
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