15 AVA VS 15 Brahma


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Whcih sub will have higher SPL and SQ?

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lol not sure on the brahma's anymore they are sold out everywhere and...i ordered a brahma but its on back order for 6-8 weeks...have to wait until the new line comes

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yea and they changed the new bramah's VC size and power. I too am waiting on the new line, I heard 4 weeks for the new kodas. I wish I could fit a Bramah into my truck but I think 2 10 inch kodas should do the trick and fit under the back seats.

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In the 2005 new line up report adire posted on their forum, they said the new Brahma's are very similar in spl and sq to the older ones. Changing the recommended power handeling doesn't effect the sub a huge amount.

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yea I'm not worried about that I only have a 600 watt amp anyways., ahh well I have plenty of time befoe I will get to buying subs anyways, and by the time I get the rest of the system installed hopefully someone will be able to tell me how the kodas compare to IDQ's or SoundSplinters or W3V2's in a .75 Cu Box. Since those are the only other decent subs I can fit. I htink their was also one by RE that fits somewhere at the bottom of the line in their products.

Everyone says sound splinters are very good (and they fit my application) but how would they compare to the new Adire line...No1 knows....

Unfortunately the only ones I can find to see for myself are teh W3V2s....Which does not allow for much comparison :-(

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well being a owner of the brahma and the avalanche and having run both of them at 600 watts I have to say the avalanche is louder, more efficient, and very similar in SQ.
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