Nuttin 2 do wit car audio but......


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how much does a paint job cost. Im going to buy a 1984 cutlass supreme for a new project car. i alreadi have teh system mapped out. But i jsut need to know how much would a paint job cost for this car. Nothing insane just a candy blue red or black paint job.

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round.... 6-800 dollars....

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oh is that it. I was told around 2000 dollars. But ok next subject system.

pioneer deck
infinity kappas
2 12" mtx 9500's
ppi art a300.2 amp for the comps

ok now for the question i need an amp that put out either around 2500-3000wrms at 1 ohm. OR 2 amps that put out around 1200-1500wrms at 2ohms. Which ever is cheaper.(:-)

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two mtx 1501 ds would do the job nicely.....300 amps of fuse between the two bout $320 a piece

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6-800 for a plain paint job...probably without doing the door jams(unless you know someone)...but a good paintjob, doorjams and all without special paint is typically a little over a grand($1000-$1200)....the wilder the paint the more expensive it gets. it also depends on the reputation the painter and his shop have. heres an idea and find out

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dude, i dont know if its just location or not, but if you just want a regular paint job, i just got my grandmother's 1985 caballero restored and the paint job only cost $900 and it is top notch. the best way to do it is just like shopping for anything else; shop. go through the phone book, call around, go to shops and check them out. ask to see pics of their work. a good body shop is more than happy to show off their work.

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IF all its going to cost you is $800-900 i would not be showing work and if you as too see it i would kick you out of my shop. Now if it was going to cost 2G's or 3G's i would want to see there work.

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If someone kicked you out of their shop because you wanted to know the quality of their work, then I wouldn't ever consider going there and I would tell all my friends to not go there. You are giving these people money to do a job. It's not like they're doing it for free. 800$ is a good amount of money. Not everyone just has 1000$ to throw onto a paintjob and if it comes out so-so, just like oh, oh well it was cheap. If I went to Mako for a paintjob, that'd be a different story and it'd only cost me 200$.

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Project car?

Painting is a hell of a lot of work to do it right, but that's why it costs so much to have someone else do it.

Do some of it yourself, anyway. If the car requires sanding, do it yourself if you have time. A lot of the time, paint jobs cost so much because of the preparation time required. If you're cabable of doing some light bondo(if required) and sanding, do it.
In all likelyhood you'll save yourself hundreds for just a few hours of your time.
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