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im going to get a jl 1000/1 and im wondering would it be better to go with wx 12w7s or just one 13w7? or would it be better to get 2x 500/1 with two 12w7?

i know the 13w7 has more xmax but its only 3mm more than a 12w7 and seeing how i would have two, would the 12w7's produce more spl?

both circumstances i would build a slot ported box to the specs of JL audio

lance g.
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get the 1000/1 with one 13W7. less space, and the power of the 1000/1 is a perfect match for the 13w7. so it will sound better than 2 12w7's that will be slightly underpowered when hooked to the 1000/1

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If you're going for looks, two subs looks nicer in the trunk. But I'm with Lance, can't argue with a good power match and smaller box requirements.

But there is potential for the two 12's to be louder, but you can make a more effecient box no matter which way you go. Plus those are nice woofers and plenty of power, you'll probably hit 140 db+ no matter what you do!

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the 1000/1 is a fine match to two 12W7s, and the 12W7s will most likely be a bit louder.
either will be good though.

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i have a kx800.2 amp and i have one L7 hooked up to its pretty loud but it has shitty SQ and ive been hearing alot of good things about jl audio and was wondering if 2 10" w6 would have better sq and would it be any louder

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than a 10L7?
yeah they should be quite an improvement
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