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I was talking to the local shop about making a box for a 15 X.X.X because I dont have the resources to. Well they bring out the box "expert" and he might have been the stupidest person ever. First he said how he had been in car audio 12 years and had never heard of resonant engineering. Then I said I wanted to run 1100 rms to it and he asked what the sub is rated at so i said 1600 and he told me the voice coil would separate because it isnt enough power. What is up with all the idiots in car audio shops. Do these shops just higher anyone or what? It's like there aren't good places anymore.

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Just be glad they weren't your car mechanics. Sounds like those guys are out of touch with time/reality.

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i think he was just upset you didn't buy all your equiptment from the store, lol

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yeah Isaac good point! I think Brandon is right they seem to get all bitter when you get something somewhere else. I was down at a local shop yesterday because I am gonna have a new set od components put into my truck and this guy wanted to hear my avalanche after I told him about it, He was very very impressed with the low end extension with the great SQ. Its not everyday that you get guys that are cool like that so I told him I am gonna get the comp's from him and he can do the install just because he was one of the coolest shop owners I have ever met. I wish there were more guys like that not like your expierence which sucks man I feel for ya. It makes you wonder how someone like that can be in the audio bussiness for 12 years and still not know cr@p about systems. Kinda like Circuit SH!TTY and Cr@P Buy they think the only thing that is a good product is what they sell. It's pathetic really if you ask me, but hey look on the bright side you kow more about car audio then a 12 year veteran who is supposed to be a "BOX EXPERT" lol!:-)

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james what shop do u go to?

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Haha...we've got some of these same problems in my town
best buy, circuit city, the overpriced audio store...
i just try to help my friends and their friends out as much as possible. Some people see it as a chore, but i love hooking up things for ppl, haha
then i'll just have em pay me back in like food or wat not

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"Then I said I wanted to run 1100 rms to it and he asked what the sub is rated at so i said 1600 and he told me the voice coil would separate because it isnt enough power."

He may have left something out, the coil would separate in HIS box with 1100 rms power :-).

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Hey Mike I got to Autotronics! the old owner of boomer Jon joined forces with autotronics and they are the best shop around for sure. I suggest you go down there and check them out, they sell JL stuff also I know you are into Jl products!

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i made the mistake of letting *cough*soundtrack*cough* install one of my amps, and when i went to pick the car upm the amp wasn't working and was sending remote lead power to my other amp even when the car wasn't on. they swore there was an "internal problem" with my amp, and that they had "triple checked every connection" and there was no way they had broke my amp. so do they try to apologize? no, they try to get me to buy a new amp from them. i laugh. then i thought about it for a minute, and unscrewed the top of my amp (xtant 1001dx). lo and behold, my f*$#ing ground wire is plugged into the remote lead terminal, and vice versa. i don't know who's the bigger idiot though, them for making such an obvious mistake, or me for letting them install my stuff

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did you tell them they had the wires backward? If so what did they reply back?

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i discovered it right on the spot. i think i said something along the lines of "that's what i get for letting soundtrack install my stereo," and made them fix it. the guy who was swearing that he triple checked everything tried to blame the "other guy" (who conveniently wasn't around all of a sudden) after i made him look like an idiot

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I may be able to help you design a box for that woofer. I need the follwing perameters;

Fs (Hz) -
Qms -
Vas (liters) -
Xmax (mm)-
Sd (sq cm)-
Qes -
Re (ohms)-
Le (mH)-
Z (ohms) -
Pe (watts) -

Send me the specifications for the items listed and/or a webbsite that has this information about your woofer, and I will see what i can do to help.
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