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I want to spend about $750 on sub and amp. Should i get 2 lower price subs or 1 more pricey sub? Need an amp also. any suggestions?

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what kind of music do you like or listen to. do you want to have sound quality or just get loud or both. also how much space you have available the amp will depend on the subs you get

jay amaro
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well for $750 it would help to know your vehicle and yes listening habits help but you should have no trouble getting a good quality amp and sub at that price and its best to listen to some already set up in a sound room from a place local that has a good set up then you have to realize almost anything can sound good inside and will be different in your car but atleast youll know what is better between brands and then you can shop around for better deals on equiptment that you know what it will do or even buy it if the price is right but id say if you spend around 300 on a good sub and 350-450 on a good mono or 2 ch amp that bridges mono then you should be fine and just a bit of advice when using a single amp the only difference you gain on average between a single or dual subwoofer is about 5db for the same given power so one is as good as two and bass is omni directional and theres no such thing as stereo bass so id just get 1.
there are a few people out there who claim they can hear the difference that 2 make and they are probably the same people who have perfect pitch and better than 20/20 vision and can jump like micheal jordan...i think they call him the bionic man??
p.s. for an amp in the 350 to 450 dollar range as far as name brand goes that should get you in the 500 watt range of things.
also keep in mind if your ever faced with the choice of paying more for the difference between any 2 amps of anything around 60 watts or less then if theres a good price difference id go with the smaller amp because you wont be able to hear the difference that 50 or so watts make.

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thanks, I have an ext cab tacoma and listen to punk and rock most of the time so i dont want just an spl sub.

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For the BIGGEST bang for your buck, check out
These guys built Kickers for years. Now they are building speakers just like them, but with their name on them and selling them dirt cheap. I have seen a few of the Credence speakers on eBay every now and then. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3079259782&rd=1

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Jesus H Christ, Tom Terric, shut the frell up already.
you're getting on my nerves.
go back under your bridge.
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