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I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant with 2 6.5 inch speakers and 2 6x9 speakers. If I got the 6.1 component set, where do I install these and how do i install them. Where do the tweeters go? Is one set enough? What should I do with the 6x9s? How hard is a component set to install?

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would two infinity 63.5i in the front and 2 693.5i in the back be a good alternative?

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To be honest with you, I really don't much like answering these sort of questions, because if you take some time you could figure this out. By figureing it out, your going to be better off because next time you'll do the same, and you'll be smarter for it. But in this case, I would hate to see you not get the perfects because I know first hand that they are a nice set of comps. First off, I might say that if you really like your music pretty loud, which I'm assuming you do, then you really wanna consider canning your rear speakers. Or getting a filter installed that will limit them below say 3000 kHz in sound. To be honest, I'd get rid of them all together. OH, unless you have a DVD system.

Anyway, as far as mounting the 6.5 woofer in the front, it should fit nicely as far as the the hole size, but my concern for you is
a. do you have enough depth for the speaker to fit without spacers.
b. Do you have a factory speaker grill cover that may not allow the bigger speaker to fit beneath it?

All things considered when comparing the 63.5i to the Perfect I would say its not fair in comparison. My experience has shown me that the Kappa Coaxials have a real high ring to their tweeters, although they do sound descent. However in comparison to the perfect they are a little lacking on the mid "punch" per say.

As for mounting your tweeeter, its simple, find a factory tweeter and put if there, although the factory placement is sometimes a really dumb spot, and won't sound great. Or just cut a hole in your door panel. The mounting shroud will make it so that the speaker doesn't look BAD per say, but mounting the crossover can be a pain at times. Or so I thought.

Overall evaluation, if you are an average person, one of those I just wanna get something that sounds descent but don't want to spend THAT much money, get the Kappa Coaxials. They'll be easier to install, and get the 63.5i's in both the front and back. the 6x9s... well we won't even get into that. But you'll want to use just 6.5's all around if you can. Otherwise, if you really want something that screams wow, nice system. Then get the perfects, ditch the rear speakers, and get an amp. I recommend probably the GTO75.2 for these speakers. Its a JBL amplifier. Also the install might get a little rough if you have no idea what you're doing.
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