hey question is why won't my sub(dual 2) play when its wired in a parrallel...when i wired in in a series its amp is an audiobahn amp says its one ohm this the amp or the sub? the first time i wired it up,i wired it up wrong...and the sub started to smoke but then i figured out the problem...and then i wired it right, in a series, and it played fine...but the other day i tryed it in a parrallel again and it doesn't seem to work...HELP!!! this is how i wired it...pos on the amp to pos on one of the vc...pos from that vc to the other vc...neg on the amp to neg on one of the vc...neg on that vc to the other neg on the other this right???


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It should work like that. Be sure you don't have the pos's hooked to the neg's on the voice coils. That would result in opposite and nearly equal forces induced on the cone which would effectively cancel each other out, i'e. speaker wouldn't move much if at all and things would get "warm".

The only thing I can think of if you're wiring them correctly is that you managed to "short" one of the coils, but I'd think you'd see a buncha "smoke" (amp, speaker, wires or somewhere)if you tried operating in parallel that way, lol.

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