Home sub and car sub. Same thing?


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can i use my sub i bought for my car, the 12" polk momo, but i don't have the amp yet. can i use it on my home audio system? will it damage anything?

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no dont use it on a home amp it will damage it and when you do get the car amp it will sound crap, just wait until you get the car amp please

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thnx, i won't use it yet.

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Bass Lover, Please tell me why a home amp will damage a "car" sub, as I can't see why it would.

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speakers are exactly the same form car audio to home audio....using a car audio subwoofer on a home audio system will not affect the sub at all. both types of amps use alternating current to power the speakers, so it would really not matter which place u use a subwoofer in.........for example, in a makeshift beater car, ive used home audio speaker sets to replace the crappy speakers in the car and my friend used a 15" MTX sub in his home audio system.

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actually the main issue is that most home amplifiers below the $1,500 range, are only 8 Ohm stable.
If your sub is DVC and 4 Ohms per coil, wire it into series if you plan to use it at home.
also, you want a dedicated sub amp for the sub as home audio systems always use a dedicated LFE channel for a sub (usually anyway) and that channel is line-out. made for amplified subs or a dedicated sub amp and sub.
you'll also need a means of crossover for the sub in the house.

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Exactly what Glasswolf said home audio is 8ohm and car audio is 4ohm and I have wrecked brand new subsby doing this.
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