2 channel died should I make the jump?


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Here is my situation, My beloved Nakamichi receiver just died after many, many years and I feel I should upgrade too an A/V model. I have no center channel or back speakers and currently have a pair of Polks, which I adore. I have no immediate plans to build out the home theater side but will probably add a Polk center speaker soon. Can anyone recommend a solid receiver and answer the swith question. I want the most bang for the buck in the $400-500 range and really liked the simplicity and durability of the NAK.

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The Marantz 5400 is the best choice in that price range and a good match with any Polk. The 5400 is going to be closed out for the new 5500 soon so you should be able to get a real bargain for one.

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If home theater is not in the near future for you I would look into an integraded amplifier, such as an Arcam A65 or Rotel RA 1062 those units would sound much better than most Home theater amplifiers and still offer you some flexibility for switching between audio sources, the only thing is you'd have to buy a seperate tuner (if you listen to the radio)

Just offering you an alternative opinion, if you feel strongly that you will eventually will move to a Home Theater set up, then I'll agree with "therealelitefan" as the up and coming Marantz 5500 will give you performance and features...what more could you ask for :-)

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Thanks for your help - I am going to go with the Marantz 5400, however I would love an idea of where the "real bargain" could be found. Best price I could find is $479 delivered. The two vendors I spoke to had no timeframe for the new 5500 - or were playing dumb.

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I heard November for the 5500, but the actual release could be months later. The 5400 is a great choice though.

There will always be a new model coming out. That is the nature of marketing these days.

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I agree the marantz will make a great unit.

if you can find the hk525 in that pricerange these days
it would be a great unit also.

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If you really aren't that interested in HT and think you want to stay with stereo check out the last few days posts under "Teaching an old dog new tricks" on the "DVD-A..." portion of the forum. Several folks have found what they feel is the bargain they have always wanted and discuss what they heard when they hooked everything up and listened for a few minutes.
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