Onkyo SR-800 vs HK AVR-525


Trying to decide between the Onkyo SR800 and HK AVR525. The set up will be used 75/25 music/movie respectively, with Mirage speakers all-around. I will only be using it in 5.1 for now. Listen to a lot of music in 2 ch stereo. Any advice?


A few months ago I answered this question more or less in an another thread.

I was still within my return period after buying an HK AVR525 (which I supremely love), and figured I'd share my research obsession with another poster who was considering, at the time, the choice that you now have before you.

Do a search for my name "h1pst3r" or "AVR525" or HK...you get it. Take a read through and then fire off any questions you have.

I can tell you, I absolutely love the 525...!

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