New Rotel products?!


Any information on Rotel's new reciever/dvd player combo? I think the model # is RSDX- 02? Performance, price? Thanks in advance for the feedback.

It is a combination receiver and dvd player? My general advice--stay away from combo products like that. If the dvd player breaks you lose the use of your receiver. But even more important--as there are so many advances in dvd players, from DVI, HDMI, T-REX chips that increase the pixel delivery to the tv monitor, etc--that to get stuck with a dvd player that you may want to replace in the future because you don't want to toss the receiver makes little sense.

Also, it will be difficult to ever resell a combo product just for these reasons. One may want the receiver but think--why do I need that antiquated dvd player?

I'm surprised Rotel would put out such a "Sony, Panasonic" like product..


There is quite a market for these "lifestyle" products. Well respected brands like Naim and NAD also offer such a product. The NAD was very favorably reviewed in Sound & Vision.

Sound and Vision basically said it is fine for those that want simplicity, rather than bang for the buck.

To quote Sound & Vision:

While you may be able to get a separate DVD player and receiver that together will provide more functionality and better overall performance for less, you're going to be stuck with two components, two remote controls, and the task of hooking them up correctly--a job that the L70 has already performed for you right out of the box.

• Very fine 5.1-channel sound quality.
• Good, backlit remote control.
• Handsome styling.
• Easy hookup.

• No bass management for
multichannel analog input.
• No progressive-scan video output.
• On the pricey side.

No bass management, no progressive scan at this late date in DVD development--to me it is a disappointing product. It is NAD trying to be a BOSE --high price and less performance for the slight convenience of having two products in one.

I don't doubt there is an audience for it, but it is for the technologically challenged and unaware. It is a case where a person could buy a better dvd player and receiver for much less than this combo piece---just as S & V says.

It is a rare combo unit that outperforms the separate pieces. But if hooking a couple of devices together scares you and getting the best bang for the buck isn't that important for you--this could be your cup of tea.


Nice summary of the Sound & Vision review of the NAD L70. I think it is a fair review of a non- traditional product.

However, in spite of, or perhaps because of the review in S & V, I have considered getting the NAD L70 for a secondary room in our home. The lack of progressive scan on the DVD player is no problem because the de-interlacer in the TV is actually superior to the de-interlacer in most DVD decks, so I get my progressive scan picture anyways. I do not miss the bass management for multi-channel analog input as I will not have multi-channel analog input for this unit, since, as I said, it would be for a secondary room and it simply would not be all that important. Finally, NAD is heavily discounting the product, so it isn't all that pricey anymore. A few years back, NAD offered another "lifestyle" product, the L40, which was a 20 wpc stereo receiver with a built in CD player. Like the L70, they over priced it, thus shrinking its potential market. Nevertheless, Stereophile gave it a glowing review (June, 2000) as a "supremely musical product." I wish they offered that product now as it would be perfect for my study (I do not want a "boombox" type product in my study, nor do I want a full component system). In the case of the L70, two other publications have raved about the high quality sound, so it does have a high quality floor worth investigating, unlike a Bose unit.

I think the product has a market. Probably not a very large market in this country, but there is a market nonetheless. Not everyone wants a component system and the fact that NAD or Rotel wants to address the market does not mean that they have become "traitors to the cause," nor does it mean that NAD is trying to be a Bose. I think we easily forget that most of the world does not have the interior space most of us have in our nice homes. Even the rather small apartments my wife and I had prior to buying our first house were palatial compared to what most of the world has. And these products are offered around the world, not just in North America and Europe. And even if their homes or apartments are small, they have their TVs and they want home entertainment options just like we do.

Yes, like most products which are lumped together (DVD player and AV receiver), it seems that some nice features are missing from what I would prefer, but I leave it to those company's marketing dept. to tailor the product for those people who cannot accomodate or else don't want a true component system. Frankly, I would much prefer to get this product or the Rotel rather than the Bose. It is at least a step above that ilk.

Hi there, to the point the new ROTEL RSDX-02; how good does it sound? Is it merely a great option for the non-techies and smaller rooms or could it do the job for someone like me that would like to enjoy CDs and Home cinema? In spain they are offering it with B&W 600 series (602s+600s+LCR-60+ASW600)for a combined total of 2.900€. Where I'm at (Canaries) choice sucks and big discounts are rare. Also offering RSX1055 +RDV 1060 with (603s+600s+LCR60+ASW650) for 4800€ wich seems pricey and can combine with better value Denon/onkyos/NADs. I do like software upgradability of RSX1055. Is the Tosslink similar to Firewire conectability between DVD player and Surround sound processor? Would appreciate any advice and like anonymous at top of page would appreciate any reviews on RSDX-02

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From Spain
Where are offering ROTEL RSDX-02+B&W 600 for 2.900€?
About the ROTEL RSDX-02: it doesn't read the SACD format, only accepts DVD-Audio
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