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what do you think ab definitive speakers in general and the new bp7000sc ,bp7001,and mythos in particular...I have tested all of them and they all sounded good to me ..but then again I am just a beginner.....thanks a lot!:)

it seems like I am in the "receiver" room:) ups !! my bad...sorry ab that

oh well! nobody seems to know anything ab them...maybe I should look at other speakers....

Al Holland
cristalear, Not to be sarcastic but if you have found the definitives to sound good then it really should not matter what another's opinion is.
On the other hand if these are the only speakers that you hav auditioned then get out there and listen to others as well. Just be careful and not listen to so many that you get confused. Also audition within your budget or you may never be satisfied because you can't afford what you really want. Remember the old saying: If you never tasted steak then spam is good.
One other point: When listening to speakers try to use the same brand of receiver that you have or one that is very similar.

Al Holland:

I did not listen to many speakers being the fact that I am new to the hi -fi world...I just wanted to get your opinion on these speakers so I won;t end up buying junk. thanks once again for the advice!!!

Def Techs are very good speakers, but you should try others before you buy. While the Def Techs are good ( over the years, I have owned two pairs along with a center and surrounds, which I have since traded for B&Ws), I found them much stronger for home theater than for music. While they were ok for music, HT is where Def Techs really shine. If home theater is what you are after, then Def Tech is a great option. If music is key for you, then Def Tech still might be great, but you might want to consider others as well. Especially in the bp7000 price range, there are a lot of other formidable competitors such as B&W, Paradigm, etc.

I haven't really listened to the Mythos too much, but my understanding is that they are designed for people either with space restrictions or to accompany a mounted plasma tv. If you have the space, a fuller speaker wiill probably sound better than the Mythos (e.g., the BP2004TL is likely to sound better than the Mythos). If space is a concern, then the Mythos might be a good option.

Good luck.

Ditto on Skip's comment. I own Def Techs and love 'em. Of course I mostly use them for HT although they also outshine much of the direct competition in the same price range on music too, IMO.

My decision came down to B&W, Definitive, and Paradigm. I was interested in Bookshelve size fronts due to the layout of my room. The Definitives I looked at had powered subs built in.

It eventually came down to Definitive and B&W as the two I liked best. Unfortunately, I don't have outlets where I want to place the speakers. I also would like to run everything through a Monster Power system. Therefore, I went with the B&Ws.

I would not have felt like I settled with either of the two.

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do bipolar speakers work for music too,or they are strictly for movies?!
My opinion is that they sound better than lots of speakers out there(for music)

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Has anyone tried deftechs studio monitors ie sm350 or 450 for either music/HT. Would you still consider them suited for HT rather than music

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I prefer Bipolar speakers for both HT and music. I guess it's a personal preference, but I like the more enveloping soudfield and the fact that the source sounds better from more areas of the room. 80% of people that listen to mine say that they sound better than their own system and that's a hard comment to declare!

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I need to find the best receiver for my def tech. I have a pair of BP2004tl, clr 2300, and a rear pair of BP2x. I have currently have a onkyo 797 receiver and a sony dvd player w/progressive scan, but it doesn't seem to sound all that great. Need help to find best of both.

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Some good receiver choices for your Def/Tech speakers are Marantz, Pioneer Elite, and NAD(if you are willing to live with the sometime quirks). All have a nice warm sound that lends itself to your speakers.
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