Hooked everything up to my NEW Elite VSX-43TX, display lit up briefly then "AMP ERR". Now it seems dead already!!!!!


I just can't believe this:

After waiting almost a week for my Elite to be delivered, the UPS delivery person came today, but left a 'notice' since I wasn't home.
Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and they don't deliver Ground this Friday, I decided to pick it up.

I had a rough day at work on my last day before being on vacation, and ended up leaving late.
Then my train was late.
My father was nice enough to meet me at his station (far closer to the UPS center) and also earlier along the route, so as to save time.
We then waited almost an hour with a bunch of other people to pick up our gear.
Finally got home, and had to do some work for the office, and there were SEVERAL problems
with my remote access etc.

Anyway, I spent a good hour or so hooking EVERYTHING up to my Elite.
I turned the power on (at about 2:30 AM), and the display lit up for a few SECONDS, at which point the words "AMP ERR" appeared on the LED display, and it refused to turn on again!!!!!!!!

I checked the manual and the deascription/diagnosis for that particular error states "the receiver probably has a serious problem". Solution: go to authorized service center!!!

I can't even begin to say how I feel right now.
I am in shock and numb.
I have never ever bought any piece of electronic equipment (audio, video or other gear) and had it not work out of the box.
Not exactly my idea of a great way to start off a vacation or Thanksgiving weekend!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

I just disconnected EVERY wire, cable, plug etc. from it, and it still doesn't work!
The standby light flashes continuously and the unit doesn't power up!

I just don't get it.

I noticed that there is NO fan, but it looks like there is a round ventilation section in the back of the unit where a fan would/could be. Is that normal?

I am off to bed now...

I don't have a lot of time to return it, so if anyone has any suggestions on what to try, short of opening the unit up ***, please let me know.
I would be very grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

*** I don't want to void the warranty.

The PE receivers I am aware of cool themselves with heat sinks--not fans.

Usually in the back of the manual there is a list explaining what AMP ERR and other warnings mean. I recommend looking at the manual. Of course the unit could be flawed, but after reading the back section on error notes and hopefully correcting the problem, just try connecting a couple of speakers and see if it works through the tuner before connecting other components--one by one.

If it doesn't, call the tech dept and get advice or send unit back for refund. If you paid by credit card--you hold all the cards as you can cancel payment.

Thanks G-Man.

Actually in my original post I listed the reason for the AMP ERR, directly from the manual:
QUOTE: I checked the manual and the description/diagnosis for that particular error states "the receiver probably has a serious problem". Solution: go to authorized service center!!!

The unit is shot, since it won't go beyoind Standby mode, even with NOTHING connected whatsoever.

Thanks for the info about the fan.
I couldn't post earlier, because I was late for Thanksgiving, but I checked the photos for a Harvey Electronics ebay auction of a similar 45TX, and there was no fan in that location for that receiver either, just like mine, so there is nothing missing.

I wonder if the receiver might have been tossed around or dropped during shipment, or whether I connected something wrong (doubt it since I wass pretty careful) or whether teo speaker wires (+ and -) shorted the receiver, which I also doubt.

You probably just got a faulty receiver. Most receivers have significant protection to protect against most human error.

It is likely this receiver either left the factory messed up--or the delivery service played kick the bottle with the box.

Owning a business, the condition of some of the boxes I receive are truly amazing. You'd think a herd of elephants were practicing their balancing lessons on them.

Thanks G-Man.

I really like the look and feel of the receiver, features, and its build quality ironically (weighing in at ~ 44 lbs).
I must have just gotten a lemon.

The outer box was actually in excellent shape, but of course that doesn't mean it couldn't have been dropped straight down onto a hard surface or been 'smacked' around in transit (e.g. truck hit hard bumps or took a corner very fast, or another heavy box fell straight on top of it.
I guess my luck with electronics has been very good for the most part, so I was due for something like this.

I just wanted something to play with during my week off

When the replacement comes, I will first turn it on without hooking a single thing up.
I didn't even think of doing something like that, since I have never gotten a piece of audi or video gear DOA...

I will hopefully get the RA# today, so I can ship it back today or Monday, and get it off my

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The replacement just arrived tonight.
I haven't had a chance to hook anything up.

Fingers crossed!


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So far so good, but I only hooked up the front speakers and the CD via optical in...
(I wanted to do it one step at a time in case something went wrong again).

It sounds very warm though.
I am very impressed. :-)
I haven't even adjusted the tone settings yet.

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