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I just bought a Pioneer elite 53TX reciever. This reciever, as opposed to my older Yamaha, the volume starts at -75db (or something like it, I am not near it to check). I can turn it to 0 and into the plus range. What does this mean? I do not want to blow the speakers w/ distortion or clipping. I was always told never to turn an amp past 12 o'clock for this reason. Is this the same thing?

Thanks for the help.

According to Ian Masters of Sound & Vision you should consider zero as the same as 12 o'clock. From there your ears will tell you what to set volume to.

Thanks, Elitefan. Does this mean I should stop at 0?

Maybe you can help me on another question. I also bought an Elite DVD/DVD-Audio/SACD Single Disc player.

If I listen to the guy at the store. I would be using 10 cables to connect it to my reciever.

1 Digital Audio (Not the opitical but the other one.)
6 for DVD-Audio/SACD Sound (2 Front, 1 Center, 1 Sub, 2 Rear)
3 Component Video Cables

Is this guy trying to sell me cables? What is the best way to connect it?

The store "guy" is not trying to rip you off. You can connect your DVD to your receiver (assuming you have a 6.1/7.1 input on your receiver) using the DVD's analog 6.1 output to provide DVD-Audio/SACD sound input to your receiver. This is necessary since most receiver's are not equip with a direct digital input for DVD-Audio and SACD (unless you have a Pioneer Elite Receiver with iLink--I think--Elitefan would know more about this). The Digital Audio (I'm guessing coaxial) is necessary to provide a digital feed from your DVD player to your receiver which then do the Dolby Digital/DTS processing. It will also take the stereo digital signal from CD's played on your DVD player and process them using the Receiver's D/A converters. So that cable (although it can be optical or coaxial) is necessary. The 3 component video cables will provide the best video I would get those as well. Hope this helps.

Depends on which model Pioneer Elite. You don't need all that for the 47AVi

To hook the 45A up to the 53TX and get all the features including SACD playback you need the additional 6 cables run into the "Multi Channel In" on the 53TX. This is how I connected mine (14 CONNECTIONS!):

1 - MTI Digital Coax (Surround Sound)
4 Cable sets Monster 300 Series Interlink Cables
1 Set - Right Left 2 Channel Sound (Watch Movie with TV Speakers)
3 Sets for Multi Channel - Left, Right, Left Surround, Right Surround, Sub, Center (SACD Playback (and DVD-Audio I assume...don't have a disc to try)
1 Monster Cable Component Cable
1 Monster Cable (RCA Type) Video Cable
1 Monster SVideo Cable

I do have extra video connections since the 53TX will not convert video signal and so my kids will not be screwing with this to get the picture to come on. I will have leave it on the RCA Type single Video connection when I am not using it so they can play games, use VCR since the VCR for example does not have SVideo or Component outs.
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