Best Reciever For a DEFTECH System


I have recently purchased a set of Definitive Technology BP 7000 speakers and am planning to purchase the CLR 3000 and surroundsound speakers in the future. What would be the best reciever to pair up with these speakers (around 1k) so that it doesn't sound overly sharp or overly dull?

You have just spent a small fortune on some truely awesome speakers and I would recommend you think about separates instead of a receiver. Outlaw, Parasound, NAD, Classe and others to numerous to mention would at least in theory be better. If you are set on a reciever my two favorite choices with the DEF TECH system would be the new Elite vsx59txi when it comes out, a current vsx49txi or a Marantz 9300. There are other very fine receivers but you need a very powerful unit to push the 7000 to their best and in terms of power and tonal quality these are the best match IMO. Still, look at separates first.
By the way, great choice on the DEF TECH's. I am very envious. Hope you have a large room and no neighbors nearby!

I just noticed you said a receiver budget of $1000. Is this correct? IMO not enough money to buy a unit that will get the best out of your new speakers.

Thanks alot elitefan. I understand completely about the 1000 bucks not being enough for an adequate unit to power the speakers. I was just working with a semi-limited budget, having used the money that i sold my 2nd car with. But thanks again. I will look into the separates a little more carefully. By the way. I couldn't find this post for a while so i posted another one so disregard.

For DEFTECH Pioneer elite is the way to go.

Local shop here won't match any other avr with the deftech except the Elite line up.

Good luck

Philip Glassfan
You may be able to find a Pioneer Elite VSX-47TX receiver for around $1500 like I did- it's a discontinued model with identical amps as a VSX-49TXi or new VSX-59TXi.
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