5-Disc SACD Changer


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This may be wishful thinking, but is it possible to find a SACD/DVD-A with 5 disc changer for circa $200?

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If there is one (and I doubt it), it wouldn't be worth having at that price!

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The low end Sony has been getting some good reviews, seems Sony has allowed some important trickle down technology. It is, however, SACD only.

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I do not know of one. I agree with My Rantz.

No-one can want to listen for 5 hours plus, surely....? You'll get deep vein thrombosis. A short walk to the player every now and again can be quite pleasurable. Is the idea to make a selection of different tracks on all five discs? Or just to have the music on in the background, where hi-res will not really make much difference, I should have thought.... ?

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Integra just introduced a 6-disc universal player. It also has BNC outputs and RS232 control for $700 retail (i read somewhere). DPC-8.5 is the model number. Someone told me today that Toshiba has one as well...a 5 disc for $179. I dont believe him though hehe....

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This question was actually for a friend. He bought a sony 5-disc DVD changer for circa 150. I tried to explain that he would have been better off with a lower end SACD player - such as The Pioneer 563, which I currently enjoy.
Thanks for all the help!
On that note, I currently have my 563A hooked up to my receiver with some cheap interconnects. Will it be worth my money to purchase higher end interconnects??

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"Will it be worth my money to purchase higher end interconnects?? " Probably not, unless there is some fault in construction of the cables you have. As with everything, if a dealer claims you will get better sound with more expensive cables, ask to test them yourself, to compare with the ones you have. Or ask him to demonstrate the difference, and be very alert to the possibility of use of smoke and mirrors.

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The Toshiba SD-6915 is a 5-disk universal player that retails for under $200. I can't comment on it's quality though.

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i second johns comment on cables. as long as you
have descent ones stick with them.

i think there is a pioneer like 300 disk universal
player for a little more money.

but i'm not positive.

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the sd-6915 sells for about 180 bucks. has dvd-a and sacd. nice quiet 5 disc changer. call toshiba to get a disc that corrects some s-video and component video problems that could occur. haven't had any problems. has a lot of nifty features. i've seen it advertised for 160 bucks. why pay a lot more unless you use it continuously.
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