Yamaha rxv2400 vs. Yamaha rxv594


I have a Yamaha rx594 and wanted to upgrade to the rxv2400. So I purchases the rxv2400, the only problem I have is the sound is such a lower quality then the 595 that I returned the 2400.
I have tried and tried to tune the 2400 but could not reproduce the clear crisp sound I had with the 594. Any suggestions?

For the truth about the 2400 see my posting on the Sonyes2000, Marantz7300ose,Yamaha 2400 question.

I saw your posting about the rxv2400. Bottom line (since I am a newbie) I have a Bose AM15, they work pretty well with the Yamaha rxv590 series receiver I have. I want to upgrade my receiver (and possible start with a new center speaker upgrade). What do you think will work best with the Bose cubes. I am now leaning toward the Onkyo801 or something on that line.
$$ is not a problem but I don't want to go crazy I am thinking around 1,000 or less.

The problem with the 2400 is that the sound just seems to far back if that makes sense to deep. My current Yamaha seem to push more sound up front and at a higher pitch.
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