Elite VSX-53TX reciever and Elite DV-47AI DVD player


I am looking for a new receiver and DVD/CD player. I am wondering if the Pionner Elite VSX-53TX reciever and the Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai DVD/CD player is a good combination and good match for polk speakers. Also, I found the receiver for $999 and the DVD player for $600 at a local retailer - is this a good deal? Thanks

Also, can anyone explain the difference between the 53TX and the 55TXi Pioneer Elite receiver?


I cannot speak to many of your questions as I am not as familiar with elite as I would like to be. I have a freind who has an Elite receiver paired with Polks, and they sound wonderful together. Very warm and pleasant sound. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but the "i" behind the 55TXi implies that it has the firewire connection, whereas those receivers without the "i" do not have firewire connection.

Jeff Plous
999 for the 53tx is not a great price. Ive seen the 55txi for around that price. I have the 45tx, in case that matters. The differences as I can tell between the 53 and the 55 include, less high quality heat sinks (helps explain some of the weight difference), remote without LCD at the top, no firewire, and some money. I tested both for laughs and honestly could not tell a difference (in the store). They are both fine recievers and you should be happy either way. But with that dvd player I believe it has firewire so if you want to take advantage of that I would get the 55txi.

Thank you Johnny and Jeff for your exptertise. I am leaning toward the 55TXi, which I found online for a little under $1000. One more question though - Does anyone know how 'honest' Pioneer Elite is with their power ratings? I know HK, NAD, Rotel, etc. are conservative in thier ratings - is PE the same way? Thanks again for your input.


I think Elite is fairly accurate in their measurements....in fact, better than most. They are not as conservative as those three that you listed, but still very close. I would guess they are only about 10-15% off...which is very good in today's world.

The 55txi (seen it at $1,038)is the one to get with the 47avi as it has the i-link (firewire) connection that the 47avi is built for.

No point in getting the 47avi if you aren't using the i-link. Might as well get a non-firewire dvd player if you don't get a receiver with firewire.
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