ProAc tablette - matching receiver and center?


Hi all,
I am thinking of expanding my 2 channel system (NAD C340, ProAc Tablette 50, Sony DVD player) into HT. Main use will be 80% music (classical).
I like the sound of current system, so initially NAD T742/3, T752 are on top of my list. However, I am happy to experience different style of sound if that's good too. Marantz, HK will sound good? (BTW, I had a chance to listen Martin Logan Ascent i / Primare A30.1 combication. Hmm... that was so nice. My dream system someday :^)

Also, any idea about Monitor Audio Bronze center/ASW100 sub and ProAc combo in terms of timbre match?



Your ProAcs are a hard act to match with a center because they are so revealing. I just do not think a Monitor Audio Bronze center is up to the task. It simply does not have the detail of the ProAcs. Have you looked into a JMlabs center speaker? I think the new Cobalt S center may be a good choice to match with yor speakers. Don't get the older Cobalt as it has a different tweeter and it is too bright sounding. Get the Cobalt S.

Since you already have and like the sound of the NAD amp, I think you would be very disappointed to go to anything else. H/K is a good receiver, but simply does not have the detail that the NADs have. The Marantz 7300 is the only one that comes close to an NAD 742/743 or the 752 in that price range.
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