Hawk, T742 or T752??


Paul T
As you know I picked up the Paradigm Studio 20v3's a couple weeks ago and have decided NAD is the only way to go with these speakers, I do not need 6.1 so no sense in going for the T762 or waiting on the T7x3 models. Oh yes I have a powered sub although amazingly these speakers need little help other then those really deep notes or HT.
My questions for you if I may is:
1. Should I go for th T752 or T742? Since you have heard these speakers do you think the T742 has enough power to drive these speakers comfortably or should I just opt for the T752? Also is there a difference in sound quality between the T742 and the T752?
2. Hate to bring this subject up but is the T742 less "buggy" then the T752? Just seems there has been more reports of bugs with the T752 models.
3. I like using a separate CD player then the DVD player for my music listening, is there a noticeable sound difference in the C541I and the 521i?? I just think it makes sense to match CD player to receiver, call me nuts but I've always done this.
4. Interested in buying a used Yamaha RX-V480 receiver with a CDX-710U Yamaha CD Player along with my old B&W 2000 series(2004 model) Speakers.. LOL :)
Number 4 is a joke, well kinda, not sure if I want to part with the speakers, might just put them in one of my kids room..

Paul T
Just a bump up. Haven't seen Hawk here in a few days.. Hope all is well...

Paul T:

Thank you for your concern. I have been fortunate enough to have a really nice week of weather which allowed me to finish the painting of my deck. Just in time, too, as we went from 56 degree high yesterday to a high of 18 today with six inches of snow! I blew off today watching all of the football games, recovering from a week of some pretty hard work.

1. Yes, I think the 742 has enough power for the Studio 20, v.3s. I think more power is better, but tonally speaking, the 742 and the 752 are very close, and the 742s have enough power to drive a pair of Studio 20s (I also agree that they do go very deep, even w/o the sub). If you are going to expand to a full 5.1 system, however, I would opt for the 752. I like the margin of error better with the 752's greater power. I think where it will sound better is with dynamic music as the 752 is going to have more reserves to really hit those big crescendos.

2. I must admit, I do not remember anyone reporting any "bugs' with the 742. From that standpoint, one may well conclude that the 742 has far fewer problems. Intuitively, it also makes sense as the 742 has far fewer things to go wrong. Finally, there have been "firmware" upgrades to the software in both the 752 and 762, but none have been deemed necessary for the 742, so one can well conclude that they have fewer problems.

3. This is a tough question. I have heard both units, but I have never had the chance to compare the two CD players directly ( I heard one at one dealer and the other one at a different dealer--neither had both set up). I really like both CD players and for the money, I think they are the best available. Saturday Audio is advertising the 521 for $199 and someone just posted that they got the 541 for $349 from Saturday Audio, which is a very good price. I just don't know if the sound from the 541 is noticeably better than the 521 to justify the additional $150.

4. LOL! Actually, I have my own 20+ year old Yamaha already which I use in the garage. I appreciate the humor, though.

Good luck!

Paul T
Thank You Hawk for all your "sound" advice!!! I ordered the T752 and the PP2 today from Saturday Audio. "I think where it will sound better is with dynamic music as the 752 is going to have more reserves to really hit those big crescendos" was the big deciding factor on the T742 vs the T752, more power in reserve is always a good thing.. Thank you again my friend and happy listening...
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