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Andy Z.
Unregistered guest
Hey everyone,
I have a Panasonic Car Stereo Cassette Adaptor and I have been having some problems with it in my car cassette player for a while now. I use it to play music from a dell dj mp3 player when I am driving, but suddenly (within the past 2 weeks) the car music would suddenly skip (it sounds like the cassette stops and then loads again) and other times it would be automatically ejected from the player. The cassette worked fine for about 3 weeks and then suddenly it stopped working. However, I have tried it in other cars/stereos, and it works fine. This lead me to believe it was my car that had the problem. But when I put a regular cassette into my car, it played perfectly. Does anyone have an explaination (or even better, a solution) to this problem. Why would the cassette stop working for a particular player, seemingly randomly? Any help is appreciated very much.


Martin Dolik
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I soloved my problem with cassette adaptor and autorevers feature by removing center tooth wheel from adaptor. Now it work like a charm!

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ok I am haveing a huge deal of aggrivation with a car casstte adapter. all I want is to listen to my cd's while driving .I have a 1991 cavalier, it has two arrows on the cassette area showing side 1 and side 2. everytime I put the cassette adaptor in continuously clicks over side 1 , side2, side1, side 2. WHY???? I am wondering if I just gotta buy a new cassette adaptor? if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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Try the suggestion on the above post. This happens to some auto reverse decks.

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Hi Martin, I have the same problem as mentioned above by Andy, not sure I fully understoof your "removing center tooth wheel from the adaptor". I opened the adaptor and found three wheels, two which are in a regular cassette and a center on which probably drives the other. Is this what you want me to remove?

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Username: Chrishoch

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I had the same problem and followed Martin's advice. I opened up the cassette adapter and removed the wheel right in the middle of the cassette case. Didn't work. Then I removed the more complicated gears, part of which are visible from the outside of the cassette prior to disassembly. (The "middle" gear isn't visible w/o opening up the case.) My XM radio is now audible w/o the maddening reverse/reverse/reverse, etc.

I have the same problem with a regular tape so I'll probably have to use an outside cassette player with an output line for the cassette adapter now.

There thus appears to be a problem with the tape mechanism itself. Ernest at thinks that adapters are bad news for tape decks and that they will void warranties. I've never heard this. Even if he's right, it has taken a long time for my adapters to cause the problem I'm experiencing.

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I have this problem, it seems like the 'Cassette Adaptor'is'nt being recognised... My cassette desk in the car has never been used and it works with a regular tape..

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I have a vw golf with vw gamma stereo. I have just bought a cassette adaptor but when I attached it to my mp3 it did not work at all. It shows that it should be playing but no sound comes out. I have tested the tape player today with a tape and the player works.... what could be the problem and how do I get round it.. the car is ten years old (read somewhere that it is dependant on the age of the car and the stereo in it)

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HI everyone i just learned how to fix my cassette tape. What you have to do is unscrew the back of the tape and open it up. You wont be able to take off the whole back part due to the aux cord connection... I WARN YOU BE CAREFUL!! Because if you arent all the pieces WILL fall out and its a pain to get them all back in place. Anyways. Back by the aux cord connection there is a washer type looking thing with a rubber part around it. I found it was easier to shut the type flip it right side up and then remover the washer with the rubber part around it. then once you remove it close it all up and screw it back in place. It worked for me! so hopefully it helps you guys!

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Hi all,
Hope someone can help me. I'm trying to use a Panasonic VHSC PlayPak in my Toshiba VHS>DVD copier. The problem is when I try to play my VHSC onto the TV, I get a black screen, some sound and just snippits of a picture here and there. When I put the tape onto FF, then I can see the entire tape, albeit in FF mode, and no sound. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any help you can give.
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