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I am looking for just audio receiver, I do not need video. What type of receiver would I need?

I have four speakers at the front and two in the back. I want to control the front speakers with one audio and the back two with 2nd(different audio)?

Any help?

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if you want zone 1 and zone 2, you may end up with a receiver that is made for video as well, though that doesn't mean it has to be used for such.

Most stereo receivers of which I'm aware, (two channel) don't have separate "zones" for playing different sources through speaker sets A and B. Most AV amps made for 5.1 audio and video however, do.

The other advantage for you to choosing an AV receiver, would be that with a 5.1 (or more) channel amplifier, you have 5 amplified channels for zone 1 and two for (powered) zone 2, assuming the receiver offers powered zone 2. This will save you having to buy a 4 ohm stable receiver to run 4 speakers from 2 channels.

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dave, the Denon DRA-397 is a stereo unit with multi-zone capability.

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If you don't need the radio part of a receiver, you'd best be served by an integrated amplifier.
Depending on specific needs, a pair of amps may work well, too. If the amps can be located a few feet apart, you'd automatically have level control per zone and with a little judicious interconnecting, good source control.
Also, depending on how LOUD you want it and the specific speakers, you really may not need all that much power, either.
Powered speakers may be possible, depending on how long the wire runs are. 4 of the Paradigm Atom powered speakers I just heard would work in even a medium sized room......You MAY want a sub in that case....
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