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Dave Tickley
I'm about to buy a new AVR and have it narrowed down to two. The Denon AVR-3802 and the Denon AVR-1082. Does anybody have an opinion on which of these two is better overall? The 1082 has more power but I don't think the 7.1 is as good. They are priced pretty close to each other. The 3802 is about $50 more. I'm leaning toward the 3802 because it's gotten good reviews and I can't even find a review of the 1082. I'm going to use it mainly for movies but I listen to a lot of music too. Thanks in advance for your help.

Tyler Ramsay
I was looking at getting the 3803 which will be my first reciever but it seems I can't find any info on the 3802... ? W/ the 3803 you get more coaxial and digital inputs 2/5 versus 1/3 on the 1082. Also, w/ the 3803 you get a learning remote, video upswitching and a few other goodies.

Phil Krewer
This is late,

But there is no difference between the 3802 and the 1082. Just as there is no difference between the 3803 and the 1083. Don't ask me why Denon does this.



Even I, an HK-obsessed and free-market myopic sychophant know that there ARE differences in these two units. Research good, uninformed opinion, useless.

But hey, on the internet if you can post to a forum, then you MUST be right.

Later Phildo, big hug,

(*Phildo needs a hug guys)

No, he is right. There are no diferences. They are the same make. Denon sell the 1082 model at sears and other stores. Just look up the specs or better yet call a denon dealer, they will tell you the same thing.

Phil Krewer

Thanks, I have the manual for the 3803/1083. And if you have a manual for the 3802 it will also be /1082. It makes no distinction between the two receivers and there is only one spec sheet. If I'm not mistaken the alternate model of the 2803 is the 983 and of the 2802 is the 982


Tyler Ramsey and anyone else:

May I have your views in respect of Denon 3803, especially in regard to its performance for music DVD videos. Thanx

The only difference is in the warrenty.

3803/ 2yr
1083/ 1yr

Phil Krewer

Yes I've heard that. Makes you wonder if the 1083 is a B stock item.


I thought the 1083/1082 was set up for European A/C outlets. I believe that is the main difference...I could be wrong though.

Disclosure: I own the 3803

Hi,guys,I am looking for my first future receiver.I Think of connecting it to a PC sound card like Creative Audigy Platinum and I would have an All-in-wonder radeon.What should I choose from Denon:AVR-3802,38034800,4802,4803,AVC-3030 OR Marantz SR-9200?Could anyone of you expert guys help an absolute beginner?And which one fits for Europe?

i am looking for a 6.1 stereo and a 8.1 surround
do u think u can help me out

The Wizard of Speed and Time
I just spent extensive time listening to a Denon 2803 vs an H/K AVR 25 (An older H/K). In my opinion the Denon will win the "Clarity" war every time. It reproduces a crystal clear and precise sound. It is, however, a bit "thin".

The H/K was perhaps a "bit/tad/slightly" muddy sounding, but very rich, full and "accurate". To me, a trumpet sounds more like a trumpet on the H/K than it does on the Denon... But the Denon will sound extraordinarily clean.

For movies, I think the Denon won hands down. (I compared them both in Pro-Logic Mode since the H/K wasn't DD). I think the Denon leads on movie tests because of it's clarity. When glass breaks, or phones ring, etc. it is very distinct.

For music, however, the choice for me is very difficult. I think the H/K is more true to the original signal. It just gets a little (and I mean little) muddy during the amp-ing. The Denon plays with the original signal a little (and I mean little) bit, but what it plays back is very clean. I like both, but for different reasons. One thing is for sure: Both H/K and Denon are nice receivers. I carry a respect for anyone who owns either...

Would like to know how the Denon AVR-1082 compares to
other receivers in the same price range? Thinking of
buying one but the remote that it comes with is very

The primary difference between the avr 3802 & 1083 also the Avr 3803 & 1083 is Denon does not allow dealers to have the same model numbers for price matching. I sell the 1082 & the 1083 and will beet most prices out there. If you are interested email me @ I also have many more brands available.

The AVR1403, 1603, 1803, 2803, 3803, 4802r and 5803 are the current Denon recievers sold to Denon primary accounts. The AVR483, 683, 883, 983 and 1083 are equivalent to the primary recievers but sold in other outlets to deflate price wars. They do not have THX recievers in the secondary line but do in the primary. I know you may have seen different power ratings but they are the same. Both the AVR3802 and the 1082 have 110 watts/Ch at 8 Ohms 2 channels driven with less than .05% distortion or 150 watts/ch at 6 ohms 2 channels driven at less than .7% distortion. Hope that clears it up.

The 3803 has video up conv. No other model except the 5803 has this. Also the 3803 has AL24 processing in pure direct mode. Denon's compare sheet shows only the 3803, 4802 and 5803 have this. There are other component diff's too. Check the AMD DSP, you'll find that the 3803 has the Sharc-32 DSP as does the 4802 and 5803. The others have different DSPs.

You can find all this on Denon's site. At the top of the AVR list is a compare pdf. Take a look and you will see the differences in the AVR's (it's not a small difference).

I too have been researching the Denon AVR lines and Denon has now posted comparison pdf files for AVR-4/6/8/983/1082 series under and 1403/1603/1803/2803/3803/4802R/5803 series under

A comparison based on those documents will identify the differences between the models...My final choice is between the 2803 and the 983 based on price/performance/features...the only real difference between these two appears to be power 90 vs 125 watts and the ability to get them through an authorzed dealer...

I'm trying to make a decision between the 1082 and the 2803 (which are both priced within my budget, the 2803 going for 800$ and the 1082 going for 650$). I'm trying to figure out what features in the 2803 are new (and actually worth the 150$) over the 1082. I know the 1082 is more powerful, so i'm trying to understand what the 2803 adds - how does it sound vs the 1082 ?

As for usage - I'm more of a music listener than movie watcher, and mainly into rock and classic rock.


Always go with more power. It is my understanding that the primary difference between the two is that the component video jacks have a wider bandwidth with the '03 models (2803, 3803). The 1082 is really a 3802 sold through different marketing channels, so it has the older component video circuitry, which has a bandwidth that is simply not wide enough for true HDTV (only 27 Mhz). The newer '03 models have a 100 Mhz bandwidth.

However, few people that I know who have HDTV even want their video passing through another piece of electronics--they simply bypass it altogether, so it isn't an issue. If this is the case for you, go with the greater power.

I hope this helps.

try this site,hope it help.....

Thanks for the prompt responses.

I've found lots of interesting info on the site you mentioned, but the most useful was a link to denon's authorised online retailers. I checked some of them out and got some better prices on different sites.

What blew me away were prices for refurbished equipment from authorised sites, and now i am confused again. I see a refurbished 3803 going for about 650$ (though more for shipping etc) and i'm really really tempted but a little wary. What is the general opinion on refurbished stuff ? Any particular good/bad experiences ?

thanks !



I have a refurbished Denon receiver that I purchased from It came double boxed, which was a good thing as the original box for the Denon was in pretty bad shape. Upon opening it, I found a small scratch on the front of the receiver--not too big, mind you, but it was there.

However, everything worked great and the sound was very nice. I haven't had a bit of trouble with it. Given my savings on getting a refurb (or in this case, "B-stock"), I think it was well worth it. I would recommend getting the refurb, especially when money is tight.

I hope this helps.

can anybody help me to choose a good receiver for movies and music i've seen both Yamaha RXV-540 and Denon AVR-1604 but i'm confused i dont know which to buy between the two receivers.thanks!

rhic we have the same problem
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