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I am looking for a receiver that can hook up to both my record turntable and my HDTV and BluRay player. I don't need anything super technical and I don't need surround sound at this time (although it wouldn't be a bad idea to have the capability for the future). Any recommendations?

Also, do I need to use surround sound speakers if I get such a receiver or can I just use a good pair of speakers to keep it simple (in a condo and don't need loud sound)?


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Well regarded STEREO receiver. It has phone inputs for your TT.

Hook the HDMI from the blueray player to the TV, but leave the TV sound OFF.

RCA (the red / white ended cable) to the video input on the receiver.

Good speakers a must. You can add a sub, later if you feel the need.

I don't know of a HT receiver that has provision for a TurnTable.
Stereo's better anyway, depending on the mix of music vs video.

Home Theater Receivers are 'obsoleted' at an alarming rate, so it is my opinion to just buy what you need, but good quality.....and that will last. Setting up HT stuff in a condo has to be difficult. Unless, you've got the space and inclination.
Some might recommend getting what is called a 'pre pro' which is all the knobs and controls with the amplifier(s) being purchased separately. Good pre owned of this category are available.

Do you have a real stereo store anywhere near? Someplace you can get some professional help? If you don't listen to anything I say, and who could blame you? At least find a real store with trained people. None of the big box or major chains need apply.

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I have a RR2150 and I can say you will not be disappointed. It is a solid product. My dad passed on to me his old Sansui to me, and one day when I have kids I will be able to pass down my RR2150. I wish more companies were making products like this.
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