Marantz SR6300 seems underpowered! Help...



I've owned my Marantz SR6300 for just over two weeks now and it seems underpowered to me. It sounds great with music and pretty good with HT, BUT...

I'm running a 5 speaker HT set-up with Dahlquists (fast, efficient speakers) and this receiver just doesn't seem to have the power to really play loud. I have to turn it up to -20 (max is +12) just to get any decent sound from movies. And my room is only 1824 cubic feet.

I'm a little worried that this receiver may not have anywhere close to the claimed 100w x 6, and could clip -- damaging my new Dahlquists. (I had a similar problem with the SR5300 model... damaging my old speakers -- which led me to upgrade and try the 6300.)

Also, I was listening to a H/K 230 today, turned up to -24 and it was WAY louder than my system turned up to -20. (It was set up with 4 Polk Audio RTi8 Tower Speakers and the matching Polk center) at Future Shop, in an open-ended room.

Anyone know what MAX volume is on the H/K 230?

I'm now thinking I should return my Marantz and possibly go with the H/K. Any opinions or help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!


well, i used to worry about the same question as you, i have a Marantz SR4300 and connected to Mission M74, Klipsch Centre n Rear along with a Mirage subwoofer, i used to turn up to -10db to get sufficient volume from my speaker, and my receiver's maximum is at +18db, i don't know whether set at -10db is a streeful job fot that receiver or not, but i been questioned this at this discussion board and there is people told me its fine to turn it at -10db...but i do seriously hope for a much better clarification or confirmation that setting the db at -10 to 0db is ok....

Thanks for all the help so far!

Quick question: would I see a noticable improvement in power if I upgraded to the 7300 (not OSE) to warrant the $100 - $200 cost?

Other receivers I'm considering are the H/K 330 and the Pioneer Elite VSX-43, but unfortunately my dealer doesn't carry either so I'd have to return my 6300 for a refund.

Any feedback on these, or what option to go with? I know H/K *under-rates* their power supply, but what about the Elite?

Oh,... and HT sound is slightly more important to me than music, but I still LOVE a good sounding music receiver - thus my choices of the H/K and Elite. :)


I've experienced the same volume issue in surround mode with my NAD T762 which is also rated 100watts/channel and NAD power ratings are supposed to be conservative. I can actually go to the +7db limit on my volume knob which is certainly loud (and louder than I would normally be listening to) but I'm surprised I can actually do that. As a number of posters have related this problem (if it is a problem) with various brands, I'm curious if this is typical of av receivers or is there something wrong with the amp. It seems to me that I shouldn't be able to go much beyond the 0db reference level without blowing my ears (or speakers) out.


Its my day off so im trying to answer some peoples questions.

What speakers are you running off the amp? A speaker with 3db plus on the sensitivity(ex 92db to 95db or 88db to 91 etc) is the same as doubling your amp power. So getting more efficient speakers would greatly improve your power.

I dont think the 7300 would make a huge difference in power but if you want to try it, go right ahead.

One other thing would make a difference, thats room size, how big is your room? Have you tried moving the amp in a different smaller room?

Hope Im of help!



Those Dahlquists, I assume, are RG-10s? Those are 5-way speakers and are likely rated at a fairly low efficiency/sensitivity (86-88dB), since they're semi-custom speakers with an unusually wide array of drivers and usually matched to high-power systems. I could be wrong about that, of course. The Polks you listened to in the store are 90dB, which is middle-of-the-road.

Bottom line: check the sensitivity of the Dahlquists before comparing them to other speakers. If they're rated at 87dB, for instance, they'll take twice as much power to achieve a particular loudness as those 90db RTi8s. If that's the case, check their power ratings (RMS power) and match them with the power output of the receiver. I'm willing to bet you'll need something with more use-able power than the Marantz to drive them properly, especially if they run with less than 8 ohms of impedance.


Sorry I didnt see the speakers you have, yes viffermike is right, check the sensitivity of the Dahlquists (white van speakers right?...or is that Dahlton?) and post back, they should have the stats on the back of the speaker.

In a room of only 1824 feet the Marantz's power should be quite sufficient. Try to bring the H/K home to see if its louder than the Marantz, or try to bring the Polks home. Futureshop (especially the new Nanaimo location) is a good dealer, and should let you.


WOW... thanks for all the great input so far! Let
me address a couple of the questions real quick:

My 5.1 set-up consists of 5 Dahlquists (highly
regarded, and well reviewed at HTF) that I would
consider fairly efficient, fast speakers. Oh...
and all speakers are also perfectly timbre-
matched as well.

NOTE: These are definitely NOT the "white van
speakers... Dahlquist has been around for a long
time and IMO makes some of the best mid-level
speakers around, on a bang-for-the-buck basis.

Here's the details:

I have QX8 towers for my mains, the QX60C center
and two QX6 bookshelfs for rears.

All speakers are a 6 ohm, 91 db, 100w two-ways
- except for the center---rated at 94db, 150w and
is a three-way.

I also talked to my Marantz dealer today with
some good news: They'll let me bring this unit
back after Xmas when they get the new "400"
models in and upgrade with no strings attached!

I've also heard that the new Marantz line is
*guaranteeing* 70% power with all channels
driven, which sounds very good (for a change). I
think this is the route I'll probably go with, as
I do love the Marantz line.

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