NAD T753 vs T752


I have to return my NAD T752 because it is not working properly.

It will be replaced with the T753 because the retailer does not have anymore T752s.

My question is will the T753 with 70 watts per channel be powerful enough?

I am using it mainly for movies as I will be getting a dedicated music system in the future.

My room will be 15 x 30. I will be sitting approximately 10ft from the television.

The T752 had 80 watts per channel and I felt comfortable with that but the drop in 10 watts per channel concerns me.

Does anyone have opinions?

Thanks in advance

Paul T
I wouldn't worry about it, the T752 tested out at 92wpc at so it just shows NAD will give more power then their rated numbers.. Just for curiosity's sake what was the problems with you T752 and do you know which firmware it was using???

Brad C.
I don't think your gonna notice a drop of 10 watts per channel...

Also gotta remember I do believe the 753 has six channels of amplification versus the 5 on the 752...

I luv my T752, but would enjoy a review from you on the 753 once you get it... :)

I wouldn't worry about it at all. Ten watts is not a noticable difference. Besides, the extra channel is well worth the trade off IMHO. :)

Paul T,

The receiver did not recognize the dolby digital or dts modes when I would insert a dvd.

The firmware version was 1.04a or 1.06a (I can't remember).

I bought it in an open box and the retailer said if there were any problems, NAD would replace it with a new one. Apparently that is NADs policy.

I should be getting the 753 this weekend and I will be glad to give you a review.

Thanks all who responded for your input.

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confused I would definitely guess the problem was a firmware issue. Damn a new receiver as a replacement that's great.. Great way to keep customer satisfaction up..
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