Semi Quadrophonic Instalation (Semi Surround)


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Hi all,

I don't know if i'm at the right place for this but i need a little

I have 4 great speakers and a very nice Amp.

It's like this,... the amp doesn't have surround option on it so I
want to connect it so it is 'Semi Quadrophonic'... If i'm correct,
it's almost the same as Surround only your using 2 ouputs.

Does anyone know how to do that ? Or does anyone know a better
solution ?

Thanks alot,

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As the article states, "Use extreme caution when first attempting this as some amplifiers cannot handle the bridging of their negative speaker terminals."


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The '4 channel' circuits listed work best on recordings made live. Studio stuff sometimes lacks the 'cues' that make live recordings best.

And you really DO need to be careful. In general, the Negative /Ground terminal for each channel should be at the same potential....the ground of the amplifier, for this to work.
Get a Technician to check this out before just hooking stuff up.

With the correct recordings, this works well. Balance speaker sensitivities or 'pad' the rears if they are too loud.
I did this circuit with 2 amplifiers. The 'front' was hooked up normally. The rear had the speakers connected positive to positive witha 10 ohm / 10 watt power resistor in place of the normal speaker hookup. The amps were connected using a line level RCA cable and front to back balance was achieved using the volume control on the back amp.

Experiment with rear speaker placement. Using them as left/ right (rear) may work, but I also tried back-to-back wired in or out of phase to give me a dipole or bipole effect.
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