Match making with these give away speakers


I' m the beneficiary of some very nice looking free Polk speakers for a 5.1 system. I believe they are rt800's, the center speaker has the same number of drivers, and the rears are bipoles. Sorry don't know their numbers! I can spend about $800 for a receiver. Since I've got a very old amp, I really don't know what they can sound like.

Question, for my budget, what are good receiver mates? Also I only want to buy stuff that has the manufacturer warrenty.

Say What?!?
I have polk rt1000's and I have heard them hooked up to a HK 525 and they sounded sweet. I am in the market for a reciever as well. If ya run across something good let me know.


You can't get a better receiver in your price range than an NAD 752 available from Saturday Audio Exchange for $699 (with full manufacturer's warranty). I think it is also available from YAWA Online for the same price ( A good match for the Polks, too.

Another good choice is the Outlaw Audio 1050 receiver, available from Outlaw directly for $499 ( This receiver has received great reviews and my own experience is that it sounds very, very good (far better than the usual mass market receiver sold by chain stores). It comes with a 30 day in home trial and full money back guarantee, so you should check it out.
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