Harman AVR2550 vs Onkyo SR501E



I've narrowed my choices of a new AV Receiver to those 2 models but can't yet decide.
I like the H/K (European model) a lot but not sure if more than the Onkyo or not. what's more - the salesman says that since they have the same price - the Onkyo would give me better power+features, and is maybe comparable to the next level H/K receiver.
The Onkyo is rated 85 WPC but on 6 ohm and 1 Khz, while the H/K is rated 40 WPC on 8 Ohm 20Hz-20Khz - so it's hard to tell which will hold better power.
Also the Onkyo has an extra 6th channel - but I'm not sure to be using it anytime soon.... is it more future-proof?
What's more - the H/K seems to have a better DAC: 192Khz vs 96Khz in the Onkyo - how much does that matter?

That's more or less about it I think...
If anyone has any opinions, suggestions, experience.... please let me know - it would help me a lot....... :)


By the way - specification of the H/K european model can be seen here:



Another good point for the H/K is that it weighs 10.8 kg, vs 9.8 in the Onkyo - that's an extra kg..... :)
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